How to pick out Golf shoes

May 25, 2005
Hi All,
I've sort of been getting into learning to golf. I interned for Colorado Avid Golfer a few years ago which peaked my interest. I've gone out to the range with a friend of mine who is really good at golf. Now I've been trying to figure out what to look for in golf shoes. I really like Asics running shoes but don't know what the differences are between Nike, Asics, Adidas etc. Thanks again.
They need to fit and be comfortable first and foremost. Don't worry about the brand so much.
BTW, I had Asics running shoes when I ran track in High School.
Like any other shoes really. My last several pair have all been Adidas, but FootJoy is also great, Nike, there are lots of brands. Whatever fits best and is comfortable is what matters.

I don't think Asics are big into golf shoes, but admittedly I haven't been paying attention, I noticed Matsuyama has been wearing them.

Now, if the question was about irons, the only answer to that question is Mizuno 😂
I purchased these Puma Grip Fusion golf shoes on Amazon earlier this year to replace a pair of FootJoy's that I was wearing. These shoes are awesome- closer to tennis shoes than your traditional golf shoe. They're really comfortable, fit well, and they offer plenty of grip. They're also pretty reasonably priced ($70 for size 12s).
I’ve got Foot Joy and Nikes. The FJ are more comfortable. Now there are so many that are like a tennis shoe you should be able to find something that’s comfortable, which is most important. If you plan on walking vs. taking a cart and will play in the mornings I’d find something waterproof for sure.
Until my knee issues, I was playing golf/hitting the range 4-5 times a week. I was happy with any shoes lasting a full season.

I was always able to feel the spike mounts in Footjoys, Adidas were always too narrow. I bought my first pair of ECCOs on clearance. They were the last pair in stock and were originally $350, marked down to $79.

Straight out of the box they were the most comfortable shoes of any type I've ever worn. Able to walk 36 holes without any foot issues. 5-6 years later they still look and perform as new.. So impressed with the ECCO brand ALL my shoes, tennis, dress, sandals, etc. are now ECCO. I don't buy at regular price, but on sale/clearance you can usually find them competitive to everyone else.
Spikeless Footjoy shoes fit well and they're comfortable and durable. They easily outlasted my Ecco leather golf shoes. I like my Footjoys so much I wear my old ones instead of athletic shoes for knocking around. Waterproof leather is the way to go.
comfort is the most important thing, traction is second. If they're comfortable and have enough traction for your golf style then they're a good shoe. As long as you aren't slipping out on your swing you have enough traction, good way to get hurt is slipping out on the tee box when you really decide to step on a drive.