How to install trans cooler on Honda Odyssey 2006

Feb 6, 2021
I just got done installing a transmission cooler along with flashing the ecu to disable vcm on the Honda Odyssey. Installing a transmission cooler seems to be a recommended upgrade.

All you are doing is disconnecting the return line going into the radiator, not too complicated

Cooler used:

Tools needed: Pliers, clip removal tool/flathead screwdrivers, cutter, and ratchet set.

Step 1: Remove the bumper.

To remove the bumper, there are clips on the trim in the engine bay (this is the black piece surrounding the hood latch), remove these, remove the black trim piece and this reveals 2 clips on the passenger side and driver side that attach to the bumper. Remove these two clips.

Now, you want to go to the passenger and driver side wheel wells, pry the black plastic facing the bumper, and then you will see a white piece of plastic that has a screw in it, remove this screw and repeat on the other side:

Next, you want to go underneath the vehicle, and remove all the clips for the skid plate along with the clips that attach the bumper underneath there.

Step two: Disconnect the return line (its the hose on the right in the picture below).


There are clamps you will need to remove holding the line in place, once removed feed that line to the front.

Step 3: install transmission cooler and hook up the hoses

The kit most likely will come with stiff pokey things that you jam into the radiator, take the radiator, stick those things in there, and then jam it into the other radiator, it will be sort of difficult trying to put the black fasteners in the back though, but it is like this:

The return hose coming from the transmission is labeled with white electrical tape, which is in the bottom, and this is where it goes.


You could mount this anywhere on that ac condenser, but I didn't have any hose fittings to move it wherever I wanted.