How to convert power vent windows to manual?

Orange County CA
The motors to the rear vent windows on my 2002 Toyota Sienna have been hinky for some time now. Basically I just leave them open during the summer (we don't get a lot of rain in my area) and shut them when winter starts to come around. But this Arrangement is not always satisfactory for a number of reasons. I would like to replace them, but I haven't seen any of that are any kind of reasonable price. For some reason they are a lot more pricey than normal window regulator Motors.

Now it is possible, in all my searching, that I missed something. So if anybody knows of a site that sells the motors for something under $100 each, please let me know.

However, what I'd really like to do is just convert them to manual windows. And, once again, if I missed it... I haven't found a site with instructions on how to do that. Usually you find pretty good stuff like that on YouTube, but most of that subject matter that I saw deals with converting manual windows to power and even then it's the regular door windows.

Anyway, if anybody has any information related to this I'd appreciate it.
It's quite easy if you can find a donor Sienna with manual windows. Just swap the inner door panel (or door card) for the manual one, and swap over the power window regulator for a manual one. You could also swap the door wiring harness for one from a manual window one which won't have the power window connector or just leave the power window harness with the power window connector not connected to anything.