How tight does the drain plug have to be again?

Way back in 1970 I did an oil change on my Ducati motorcycle and then took it for a test ride as you do. On the way back, the rear wheel started to step out sideways on the last few turns from home, then as I rode up onto the drive way and just as I came to a halt the drain plug fell clean out and emptied the whole sump of new oil. Good timing or what.

I tighten with a torque wrench now, but not to tight, 10 -15ft /lbs on the small drain/fill plugs on my BMW bike. They never fall out.
After 1,000 miles and 20 cold starts, decided today to do a check. Idiot me, I should have checked with my fingers--instead, I just put a wrench on it. Loose! !!!! Not majorly loose, but where I failed to give a finger check I can't say it wasn't. Am going to have to check again, maybe I have a problem here...
Checked yesterday (300 miles, 6 cold starts? something like that). Not finger loose. But it took little effort to cinch it up.


I took a photo and I don't think I double stacked the crush washers, but can't be quite sure. Next oil change I'll be checking.

Yep, it's a leaker. Didn't see that power steering line until just now, bet that's my next repair. Ugh, if only I had moved south when I was a lad...
A new washer is a good idea if it uses one. For something like this I often move my hand from the end of the wrench to halfway down the handle so I don't have a lot of torque with my 70 year old hand.

Fumoto valve?
Not a big fan of Fumutos, nice idea, but it costs money, and sits low. I know I know, many use 'em and love them, I just would rather not.

Not sure how much longer I'll run this car anyhow. Maybe another 1 to 5 years, just never know.
Let’s go….! By page ten we might finally be on the verge of getting it done right.

How many BITOGers does it take to screw in a drain plug?
Three.... One to hold the wrench on the drain bolt and two to turn him round and round... :ROFLMAO:
Was time to do an oil change, got under, put the wrench on and... not even finger tight. ! Hadn't been leaking, I must have put it on finger tight then forgotten to hit it with the wrench last time. Yeepers.

Somedays you wonder about yourself... Sheesh, I knew it'd been a bad year and all, but didn't think I'd been in that bad of a state.

Was darn sure to put it to one gutentight this time! I might even check again in a few days.

Hey at least you put the plug in before....... :whistle::whistle::whistle: