How often do you WOT?

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Testing included 11 million customer equivalent miles, with stronger durability testing than any previous Chrysler engine. The 7 year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty is backed by 11 million customer equivalent miles (CEMs) of testing, including more than 200,000 CEMs of durability testing for the average consumer - more than any other Chrysler engine. The battery of reliability tests closely represents real-world driving conditions, in some cases exposing the engine to more severe abuses than drivers can dish out. For example, during a 260-hour period, the 5.7-liter HEMI was repeatedly heated to 240°F and then slammed with coolant that was -25°F. "The engine was exposed to some of the harshest testing conditions and abuses imaginable," said Donald Dees, Vice President of Quality for the Chrysler Group (and formerly of Toyota, so you know that means something).
The Honda article was out of an old Car and Driver issue I believe. The post above is from
Not sure if I've hit redline or not (6250rpm) in the '89 2.3L Volvo turbo wagon but have gotten close. Got a few 5K shifts (auto) merging onto the highway over Christmas but with the family in car there's not much opportunity to safely be Andretti. I intially thought the Volvo B230FT 4 cyl engine was a bit tractor-like in sophistication but the more I drive I like it. It certainly is durable ... p1ss-poor efficiency but durable. Maybe I'm just easy to please as this is the newest car I've owned.
I have a 2005 focus st stick shift and i redline it probably 3 times a day. It doesn't hurt anything. I think it hurts the engine more by NOT pegging it.
After installing a pop charger on my whife's '02 Sentra GXE 1.8L, I tend to floor it every chance I get. It sounds so mean with the pop charger I can't help myself. The pop charger also added a good amount of extra power. It never redlines since it's an automatic (I guess) but it revs much higher than it used to.
Can someone comment on how WOT or Full-Throttle once in awhile help benefit an engine that already has about 10,000 miles or more on it?
WOT for me is a hair-raising experience. I ride a ZX-10R and 60 mph comes up in less than 3 seconds if I manage to keep the front wheel on the ground. I can hit 150 in about two blocks. I think a little hard running is good for an engine as it keep the plugs clean and the carbon accumulations out of the combustion chamber. Make sure the engine is good a warmed up before you nail it.
I usually get on it pretty good a few times a day - but I know I haven't even gone past 1/2 or 3/4 throttle..., nevermind W-O! Even without going WOT, I'm hitting 95mph+... and on the roads I'm on, that's WAY MORE than enough... ;-) I have an '06 Monte SS with the 5.3L V8 - and I've gotten it from 0-60 in 5.4 sec's (timed run)... and from 60, a 3-second blip on the pedal brings you right up to 95+... and it feels like you're only going about 55 - the car is that fast and that smooth... ;-) My guage redline is at 6000-6500, but even with the speeds and acceleration I've gotten, I've been careful and haven't gone above 4500rpm... my total mileage to date is 2050 miles. But the car just wants to GO!! It's scary to think what'd it do if I was serious about really racing/running it!! LOL
I spend a lot of time WOT. A Lot. Pulling a trailer through the mountains my truck will be wide open most of the way up. I live in a fairly low population area (at least on the interstate) I go through at least a few gears with the pedal to the floor each way to work and back. Good thing my truck is a toyota, too bad it's a V8. On my bike I spend less time WOT, but still a lot.
I do at least 4 WOTs and about 2 full-throttles per week during the initial 2000 miles of a new engine. As my mileage go up, i will do less full-throttles and just stick to WOTs.
05 Subaru STi- every chance that i get (not many places to do it around here). 93 Toyota 4x4 truck (22RE 4 cyl)- everytime i drive it, just to not get rear-ended merging...
I just did a run on I-95 down to Tampa, Florida for the playoff game this weekend (Go Skins!!). 92 Hyundai Elantra, 1.6 DOHC. 65-75 MPH all through Va (65 max speed limit) from Leesburg/Dulles area. NC, SC, GA, and Florida all have 70 MPH speed limits, so 80ish was the norm with an occasional blast to 90 to get past the odd pack of hardened arteries traveling the left lane at 55. Mine has a theoretical red line of 7000 rpm, at 80 it's doing about 4000, at 90, a tad over 5200 rpm. In Florida, fewer cops, and larger packs of cars, seemed like a much more consistent 85-88 MPH at around 5000 rpm. I dunno what the top speed of this heap is, don't wanna know, but at 80-85 on up to 90 it seemed just fine, but you can tell the motor is busy, if smooth. Didn't burn a drop of oil in 950 miles (thanks VSOT!), ran Shell 87 gasoline the whole way, and not so much as a surge or falter the whole way even at the elevated speeds. I expect the same trip conditions the whole way back. Maybe a good time to UOA on return? I'd say that's pretty much a sustained WOT, 1/2 to 3/4 redline for all those miles. Does it count as WOT if you're in 5th gear?
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