How often do you WOT?

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"High dollar gas is the main reason" this reason makes me sometimes think that i need to enjoy how much i paid for it and have a little fun [Big Grin]
I recently replaced the plugs in my '99 Corolla. They had about 65K miles on them and they appeared to be very clean (i.e., they had very little carbon, oil, etc. deposits). Since these miles were put on the vehicle by the original owner (who is an older lady) I highly doubt the car saw much WOT operation. Also, the current motor oil has about 3.5K miles on it and it's barely changed color since I first poured it in. Because of this, I would say this engine is already very clean inside and running at WOT would only serve to waste gas.
I had a '00 Civic with the 1.6 VTEC 5-speed. Hitting redline was a daily, frequent routine. While commuting to and from college, I would sometimes cruise at 4000 RPM for several lonely hours. The car had 85,000 miles when it was totalled in a wreck caused by another driver. It burned virtually no oil. I used Valvoline Durablend 5w-30 for every oil change with 3500-mile intervals. When I changed the plugs at 60,000 miles, they had a very light, white tint on them, but no irregularities. T'was a great car...
Way too much lol. BMW engines are just so fun to rev up I can't help but go WOT and row through a few gears everyday [Smile] I feel fine doing so knowing they were intended to go WOT for long periods of time on the Autobahn.
I usually hammer down on a daily basis in my Ranger & the Geo which is what I drive when I'm from college. The geo is fun to drive, it's small, 4x4 and a 5speed to keep me happy [Big Grin] op
The roads were finally dry yesterday so I had the first opportunity to see how much quicker my Corvette is with it's new Vararam cold air induction on it. So I must've gone full throttle about 25-30 times yesterday. Weeeee! [Big Grin]
I know the feeling. I have an intake on my 1998 DOHC Neon. I has the 5-speed and in the cold weather with the air so dense it freaking flies when its over 4500 rpm. My butt-dyno measures a good 10hp gain at the wheels.
Never have, never will... A history of excellent longevity (>150-200k and running like new without need even for any repairs), and fuel economy besting EPA numbers (logged every tank) is good enough for me. I do use the throttle heavier than usual once or twice every tank, but I dont think Ive ever actually 'floored' the pedal! JMH
Buster I never floored it either and I've been driving since 1971 [Roll Eyes] ! When I first started driving it was my parent's car and I was afraid to floor it. Then when I bought my first new car in 1972, it was a 1972 Beetle with the 4 speed manual tranny and a carburetor. That car moved at the same pace no matter how the gas pedal was pushed. Ever since then I've had low powered manual tranny vehicles that would usually bog down if you tried to floor them. However I have no problem running my latest two manual tranny vehicles to the red line WITHOUT flooring them. It feels GOOD [Cool] . Whimsey
hi im a newbie with a newbie question... Is it beneficial to do multiple WOTs per day with an automatic engine? I hope it wouldn't strain my auto 5 speed.
The reason I brought this topic up is bc I was told by many people that WOT is good for the engine now and then. Obviously you don't want to over do it, but their is nothing wrong with it. I've read some articles on how Dodge and Honda tested some of the engines they make and the punishment they put them through in many cases can't be equalled.
I did lots of WOT up to the redline during the first couple hundred mile for my new 2006 Civic coupe... car now feels signfinicantly stronger, I can haul 4 adults in my 140hp car around town without too much grief.....
Alan You got a stick Corolla too? These cars are pretty rare. I bought mine used, but it took me about a month of constant looking to find it. The vast majority of Corollas are equipped with autos.
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