How much salt is usually on your vehicle in the winter?

Our roads are officially white now. Prior to the cold snap, we had a 35 degree day, so I took the cars to the local self service bay and gave them an upper body spray down. I Fluid film underneath and in as many interior panels as I can reach, so I don’t go nuts. It’s been about 2 weeks and my cars are still fairly salt free.

We haven’t had much for precipitation, which helps, but the streets are white.

I saw a Hellcat Challenger out yesterday. No way I’d drive that nice and expensive of a car this time of year, with salt coated streets. It is dry, but there is still salt dust being kicked up underneath. It’s their money, not mine, so more power to them!! We get a lot of International students here who immediately want a Vet, Mustang, etc. and then drive them all year round. I saw a Saleen Mustang for 3 years in town all salt covered.
I wash the exterior and the wheel wells, as it's easy to respray fluid film or other product in that area after a wash.
If we got a dry day i will go and wash my truck. I dont get it why the US carmakers dont galvanize the frames and body like moust of the Europeans do. I love US trucks but hate the way they rust away.

I wash at least once a week during salt season. I have a place locally that will run the automatics as long as they can. It has two doors and seals you in during wash. Last year they stayed open when it was -5F or higher. Just wash, get blown dry as much as possible, and return to home garage.

Manually I washed a car while it was about 10F. Other than the water freezing on the car on contact, it wasn't that bad. The water was actually warm.
What kind of oil spray did you try to keep it from rusting? Around here vehicles rust out in 7-10 years if the owner doesn't do any kind of undercoating... Oil spray should definitely delay rust well beyond 10 years if it's done every year. This truck is 17 years old and is going to last well over 20.
I had to pass a liquid deicing truck the other day and my truck was completely covered in salt water. I went straight to the car wash that day but most of the winter I rarely do. I'd rather crawl underneath and spray more oil than wash it. A can of oil spray is about the same price as a wash.
I don't use any oil spray but I definitely will start doing this maintenance next year. I won't drive the F-150 in salt at all however there is some salt dust on the roads but not much. We don't get a lot of snow until the end of February or March. My wife works at home therefore the Jeep doesn't see a lot of salt either but I do agree I should start spraying them down. The Honda gets driven every day even though I am retired and this is the vehicle that will show rust first although it's looking great right now. I do want to try some kind of oil spray. My mom has a 99 Buick that is rusting out and the spot where the oil drain plug is shows nice shiny paint from the oil being wiped off after an oil change. That is proof that oil works to prevent undercarriage rust.
I run my 2012 Fiat through the car wash every day. Unlimited washes for $22 a month.
Delta Sonic?

I live about a mile from the OP border in West Falls. I know the car wash in East Aurora offers a similar service that you put on a charge card and you're billed if you use it or not. Problem is, I'm 5+ miles from there or closer to 10 from any Delta Sonic, so my vehicle is usually salty by the time I get home.