How much life left on these tires?

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Here's my interpretation: "7-7.75" depth suggests one tire is at 7/32 depth remaining and at least one other is at 7.75/32ds remaining. The other two are unknown tread depth. Original Michelin tread depth appears to be about 10/32ds, so 3/32ds is used up. Tires become unsafe at about 2/32ds so there may be 5/32ds left. "80%" life remaining is a stretch.
The seller measured at the center rib. See if he will measure at the edge ribs. An under inflated tire wears at the outside. Over inflated wear in the middle. This will give you a better idea of remaining tire life.
technically, even assuming 7.75 remaining tread depth, there is 72% remaining, if you run your tires down to 2/32. I don't.
also, clearly those tires have seen some wheel spin. (ok, I might do that occasionally on one of my cars) there is also a small amount of weird damage visible on one tire. what else cant we see? and were the tires run flat? beyond "holding air", are they safe?

Apparently these tires new are over $300 each. so I suppose that $329 is a bargain for the set.
Bargain ... But dunno might have to think about it twice.

Thx guys
You can safely wear them down to the wear indicators molded into the tire. How much wear to that point.
It depends where you live. 2/32 is not safe for any area with significant snow or rain. Assuming that the tires start with 10/32, and currently are at 7/32, only 62% of usable life remains for dry conditions. For areas with rain, 3/32 is the recommended minimum so the tires have 57% of usable life. In areas with a snow, 4/32 is the recommended minimum with most tires, so the tires are 50% worn.
I give the poster some benefit of the doubt.
Even though a proration chart does do it linearly in terms of refund $,
Tires wear slower as the treadblocks wear down. The first 32nds always go away a lot faster than the final 32nds. They often are the best 32nds.

Often by the time you are on the last 32nds those last treadbits last forever, but its also been a few years and you would rather have new rubber anyway.

so it depends on your standards of tire "life". if you have high standards of performance the best life of the tire is already gone.
if you want a tire just to get from pointa to point b, then yes perhaps you have 80% of that minimal standard of ability left.
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Apparently these tires new are over $300 each.
So, I suppose that $329 is a bargain for the set.

That's the way I look at it.

You have no ides how they were driven, under what conditions, etc. And the tire shop selling them doesn't know, either.
The only time I'd buy a used tire would be in an emergency, or for a full-size spare.

I don't usually like Chinese tires, but since DTD's big sale is over, at least you can get brands new tires for $100 each
Yeah, I wouldn't buy tires online just from a pictures and the guy says that they're OK!!!...But, if you must then, here is a bit of info from TheTireRack.

Info from Tire Rack, these tires when new start out at 10/32nds and are $325/ea. The Tire Rack specifies NO PORSCHE. Although, Tire Rack used a Porsche to test the tires, I think they mean in your size.
IDK if any of this helps but, you should be able to run'em for a while.

Load Index 110 = 2,337lbs (1060kg) per tire
Speed Rating “V” = 149mph (240kph)

Green X
440 A A 2,124 lbs. 50 psi 10/32" 34 lbs. 7.5-9.5" 8.5" 10.9" 10" 29.5" 705 HU,FR
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I'd pass, unless I was trying to get the vehicle in shape to sell and wanted to keep costs down.
Not trying to be cute but did you see "Or best offer"? That's what I'm talking about... Offer them a price you feel great about and see what they say. $250 would be awfully nice price...
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N0 is Porsche specification. N0 (N-Zero) is the first assigned version.

It is not “NO Porsche”.

Thank you my friend. This is good to know when giving info to others.
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