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Feb 14, 2005
I suspect my monster-in-law's Subaru has a head gasket leak (big problem with certain Subies as I found out) as I'm adding approx. 10-12 ounces of coolant between 3,000 mile oil changes. I've ordered the test kit from Blackstone and I'm wondering if I need to wait longer than 3,000 miles for this size coolant leak to show up good on a UOA. I'm Doing this so it can be taken care of under the powertrain warranty which will expire soon as the car has 58,000 miles and the warranty expires at 60,000. Thoughts and comments welcome!
It'll show up. Now the Glycol won't show up if the leak is small. Only sodium/potassium may/will. But then again Glycol may not even show up for a long OCI. Do the test now. Telll them you are looking for antifreeze when you send it in. If its suspicious you can get Terrry Dyson to verify its leaking and he will give you a writeup to for the dealer.
Thanks Al--I already decided to spend the $40 to get the "Dyson Analysis" since we will be presenting it to the dealer. If it does show up the only thing I'm afraid of is that they'll only replace the gasket on one side and it probably won't be long before the other side starts leaking. They'll probably tell us to get the coolant "conditioner" (stop leak) put in and see if it works but B. S. on that--that's not a permanent fix!
Tell the stealership that your case is being discussed on BITOG, and see how much clout we carry. Lots of Subie happy thoughts at stake here.
Since I just purchased a 2005 subaru with the 2.5 liter engine, I did fairly extensive reading on the head gasket problem before buying the thing. From the various Subaru boards there were many head gasket failures on this engine thru 2002-3. It was apparently very rare for coolant to show up in the oil as the leak was external. In fact, I found zero reports of oil contamination.

The first "fix" by Subatu of America was a radiator stop leak, supposedly Bar's. To their credit they extended the warranty to something like 8 years and 80,000 miles IF the unit was brought into a dealer for the fix.

Since the leak is well known in 2.5 liter Subes, take it to the dealer and explain it's using coolant. The period was about five years as I remember and they were pretty good about exact mileage. Mine used about 700 ml of coolant right after I took delivery and I thought I was in for a tough time as I was told the post 2002's were fixed. It quit and hasn't used a drop since, although I just did an oil analysis anyhow.
I can smell the antifreeze in my 92 Escort in the morning after I start it up. I had Blackstone check the oil and sure enough there was .45% antifreeze in the oil. The sodium levels were(224) high too. The analisis showed my three year battle with a cracked head allows me to go 3,000 miles on an oil change without hurting the engine.
My 01 Subaru was leaking coolant externally, and exhaust was getting into the cooling system. Then after they fixed the head gasket a piston leaked past the connecting rod into the sump.
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