Honda J35 Valve adjustment, affect idle quality

I had an Indy shop do the timing belt. So funny story is that I asked my local dealer right down the street from my work about a valve adjustment a couple months ago. They flat out told me that they almost never do them and that id be wasting my money. 😂
Just a quick check is all that is needed, no waste of money if tight ones are found. I had 3 on one I checked.
Here are the readings at hot idle. First picture in in park. Second picture is in gear with foot on brake as you would be at a stoplight. MAP was displayed in Hg while MAF I could get a voltage reading right on the scanner.
Now with that said the critic asked for map to under .9 volts. Here is a conversion chart I had found and according to that I’m borderline. Foot on brake in gear in above .9 volts.
My current V6 Accord doesn't do this. But my old Accord did have that vibration. I remember nothing changed it. Valve adjustment, TB or EGR cleaning, tune up.
Nada. But Acetone in the gasoline always got rid of it.