Honda HRR216 GCV160 lawn mower issues

How about a serial number? That way we can narrow down the issue more precisely.
This is to be expected you're trying to manually control the flow of gas instead of the needle valve doing it.

If it still overflows while stopped with the shut off valve open, there is a problem inside the carb.
Ok will take the carb apart to inspect and report back
I always run my mower till it dies (out of gas) on the last mow of the season and never had a problem with doing this on a B&S...but it doesn't seem to work well on the Honda unit.
I do the same thing each fall/winter, add fresh gas in the spring, remove the air filter, and start it. It always starts with 2-3 pulls. After that, during mowing season, it always starts with 1 pull, occasionally it takes 2...

although less powerful than the B&S (which I think was a 190cc).
I definitely wish mine had the 190cc engine at times, especially in spring when the grass grows uncontrollably and I can only mow 1x week. It can bog it down in the thick, tall grass.
I have a similar Honda powered mower. The gas cap won't let the tank breathe, and after a few minutes the engine dies. Took me a while to figure that one out. The parts inside the gas cap must have swollen.

I suggest trying it with the gas cap loose.
Check the air filter. I had one get wet and dirty. Took me forever to figure this out
Is it possible I got the wrong carburator?


This is the one I bought
The serial number is to pull up the correct drawing. I wanted to see if the carburetor has any mixture needles and I wanted to see how the fuel system is vented. I suspected you have/had a vent problem.
You have a faulty carb or a plugged fuel cap vent. When the hot engine expands the fuel it forces too much pressure (more than gravity) on the needle and seat and it will flood over.

I would still get a new carb or inspect and check the float.