Honda 0w20?

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Nov 15, 2002
I read the thread where the letter from ExxonMobil was posted stating that they are the makers of "Genunine Honda" motor oil and it made me remember something I saw in my local repair shop when I was in there just before Christmas. I was picking up my van (had a new set of KYB gas shocks and struts put on) and I was talking with the owner and writing a check when I noticed on the parts counter where he had several brands of oil a couple of bottles of "Genuine Honda" oil. The weight is what caught my attention: 0w20. [Eek!] Anyone know anything about this oil? If it's made by ExxonMobil, I wonder if it's the same as their upcoming 0w20 Mobil 1.
I noticed this too. It makes you wonder if it is not Mobil bc I havn't seen any other brand make an oil of this visc. I've only seen 5w-20's. Could be, who knows. I asked Mobil a year ago, when this stuff was around, if they plan on bringing out a 5w-20, and they said they have no intentions of bringing this grade out. Typical garbage response from Mobil.
Originally posted by Jay: XHVI, did you happen to notice a price?
I don't think he sells the oil. This is a repair facility and he just keeps certain "specialty" oils on this shelf for certain applications. Sitting beside the Honda oil was a case of Mobil 1 5w30.
Very high quality, 0w-20 synthetics have been available in Europe for several years now. In fact, BMW recommends 0w-20/5w-20 synthetics - meeting the BMW "Longlife" specification - for year round use in most of their 2002/2003 models. The "M" series engines are still recommending the 10w-60 Castrol product, but they have well documented wear problems with low viscosity oils .... Since folks seem reluctant to even use the 0w-30 Mobil 1, it will be interesting to see how well their 0w-20 sells. In reality, the 0w-20 may come in @ 9.0-9.3 centistokes, so it will only be about 10% thinner than their 0w-30 formulation .... TooSlick
Originally posted by TooSlick: Since folks seem reluctant to even use the 0w-30 Mobil 1, it will be interesting to see how well their 0w-20 sells. In reality, the 0w-20 may come in @ 9.0-9.3 centistokes, so it will only be about 10% thinner than their 0w-30 formulation .... TooSlick
I for one would try 0w30 M1 if it was readily available. I went in an auto store and they didn't even have 5w30 M1 in stock much less even stock 0w30. Lots of 10w30 and some 15w50 but the one recommended by most manufacturers was sold out. The people that work in these stores have to eventually figure out that the 0w doesn't mean it's zero weight oil. [Roll Eyes] But you bring up a good point, until manufacturers recommend 0w20 instead of 5w20, will the average person feel comfortable getting it? Probably not. However if Mobil is smart, they will get Ford and Honda to approve it as a qualified oil, and Say "Manufactured approved for use in Ford and Honda Vehicles recommending 5w20". Then it will fly off the shelf.
I think the new 4 cylinder Accord and the Element also specify 5W-20. They have "5W-20" printed on the oil filler caps.
Synergyn 0W-20 SAE Grade 0w - 20 Weight Engine Oil Viscosity @ 40 Degrees C 48.2 Viscosity @ 100 Degrees C 8.8 Viscosity Index 165 API Gravity 31.7 Specific Gravity 0.867 Flash Point, Degrees F 410 Degrees F Pour Point, Degrees F -65 Degrees F Synergyn 3W-30 SAE Grade 3W-30 Viscosity @40 Decrees C. 67.8 Viscosity @100 Degrees C.10.7 Viscosity Index 146 API Gravity 29.12 Specific Gravity 0.881 Density, Lbs/Gal. 7.35 Flash Point, Degrees F 410 Degrees F Pour Point, Degrees F -40 Degrees F Torco 0W-20 Appearance DK/Blue API Gravity 33.6 Lbs/Gal 7.136 Specific [email protected]/15.6°C 0.858 Viscosity cSt @ 100 °C 8.13 Pour Point, °C -40 Flash Point, °C 200 Fire Point, °C 215 TBN 5.2 CCS, cps 2150@-30 Torcp 5W-30 Appearance Amber API Gravity 33.42 Lbs/Gal 7.175 Specific [email protected]/15.6 °C 0.858 Viscosity cSt @ 100 °C 11.96 Viscosity cSt @ 40 °C 67.2 Viscosity Index 176 Pour Point, °C -40 Flash Point, °C 203 Fire Point, °C 221 TBN 5.2 CCS, cPs 2300@-25 [ January 08, 2003, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: tenderloin ]
i for one will be using the 0w20 mobil 1 when it comes out. Right now, i just changed my oil on my civic ex 02 with castrol gtx 5w20 and a bosch premium oil filter. My break-in oil was still pretty clean coming out, and that was after 5015 mi!!! Although to everyone out there if they don't know already, hondas stock oem filter is a fram [Mad] . Made me furious when i saw that stupid blue filter on there and i seen "made by fram". ANyways, back on topic, i for one wouldn't worry about 5w20 if you use the right brand like castrol gtx and are doing normal oil changes of no more than 5000 mi. They are better made oils than the 5w30s as they have less vi improvers and are mostly group 3. I was going to use mobil 5w20, but i have not even seen it for sale anywhere(advance auto, autozone, walmart all don't have it)!!
Tooslick "M engines still using Castrol 10W60 re wear problems made me LMAO (and I sure need it today). 1st time I've heard rods hanging out a 'wear problem' Much appreciated!
well, i just changed my grandmas oil on her 2001 accord today. I went to murrays this time, and found the mobil 5w20(this stuff is darker than the 30 wt) and i got an ac delco oil filter for 12.91. Looks like mobil 5w20 is a group 3 after all!!!!
for those wondering, i was getting the oil in my wife's insight changed today, and while waiting for the new ECU to be installed (recall) i was parrusing the oils. all of the oils were listed on the label as made by exxon/mobil for honda EXCEPT the 0w-20, which just said honda, and was the only one which had a made in japan listing on the label. it was also in a different style bottle, with the 3/4" cap, vs the other oils in a bottle which had a cap remarkably like the mobil oil bottle caps (the 1 1/4" inch style). so, i think the 0w-20 is still a japanese product at this point.
Originally posted by mph: I think 0W-20 is the specified weight for the Insight and Civic Hybrid.
You are correct!! -Joe
The 0w-20 SJ GF-2 honda motor oil is referred to by Honda as HVI motor oil (high viscosity index). I believe that means it is a group III motor oil. When this oil was first tested in 1998 or 1999 it gave an improvement of 1.5% in fuel economy compared to a typical Honda 5w-30 GF-2 motor oil with the same additive package. The oil was tested for wear on a Honda OHC 2.0L engine and showed just slightly higher wear for the cam nose and the same wear for rocker arm scuff. The results were well within the limits for GF-2 motor oil. I don't know who produces this oil but it is manufactured in Japan. The specs are as follows. SJ GF-2 Vis. @100C 8.2 Vis. index 186 HTHS vis. 2.6 CCS vis. @-30C 3050 NOAK 16%
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