Homelite Gas Trimmer - "Experiment"

Originally Posted by RyanY
It's great that you found further info...and a $6 rebuild kit! Hopefully the rebuild will restore the engine function. However, if a new carb is only $8 or $10 as tundraotto said, you may be better off just getting a new carb. I have used three of these Chinese knockoffs so far and all have worked well.

If things don't work out you can always follow super20dan's advice and chuck the whole thing, but I don't see any reason to scrap a cheap functional unit for a top of the line trimmer, if only for occasional home use.

I searched high and low on Amazon for a whole new carb that showed it would fit, but couldn't find anything definite. I'm sure there might be some that would work, but I'd have to start by comparing bolt pattern and throttle body size, etc. Too much work with risk of not fitting or working right.

So I just ended up buying the carb rebuilt kit and some fuel line for a total of ~$14 with tax. The fuel line was more expensive than the carb rebuild kit. I called around to price fuel line locally, and it was about the same price for 2 feet as the Amazon "kit" I got of 4 different fuel line sizes of 4 foot rolls in each size. I might be able to use the extra line on other things at some point.