Home Depot


Berwyn, IL
The closest HD to me has a small automotive section with some oil. Just one brand and weight, but I can't remember what kind. Nothing special. Mostly for the lawnmower or snow blower, IIRC. Terry
Richmond, VA
Originally posted by drive it forever: If they did it wouldnt last for long. Home Depot has the worst relationships with their vendors then any other company including Wal-Mart.
That must explain all the imported tools sold there. From hand tools to garden tools, EVERYTHING I was looking at there was imported. The local hardware store sold tools that were all American made. Also when I was looking for paint the local Sherwin Williams had their paint actually cheaper than the Home Depot and supplies like rollers, brushes, etc. were American made while the Home Depot ones were made in China. Looks like another Wal-Mart. [Thumbs Down!]
Long Beach, CA
I was in a Home Depot in Los Angeles earlier today, and they had a small section of automotive fluids. It was all SOPUS stuff, from what I could tell - Quaker State dino, some Shell Rotella in gallon jugs, and several Pennzoil engine oils (dino, high mileage, and platinum). They also had Pennzoil DOT 3/4 brake fluid and Pennzoil power steering fluid, which I don't think I'd ever seen anyone stock before. Prices were neither fantastic nor exorbitant, I recall thinking.