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I actually have a SPARC I arriving Friday. The SPARC II has better reviews overall, but I like that the SPARC I uses AAA batteries.
First off that is not a holographic sight. A holographic sight and red dot are two separate things. I consider them last-last generation Chinese optics. They only have a 300 hours battery life, which in this day and age is utterly unacceptable. Basically, in my opinion, Vortex is likely to get these, at their cost, for perhaps $39 each, and then they sell them for $200. Not that great a deal for the consumer. YES it includes a life time warranty, but you could break it 3 or 4 times and they would still make a profit on your sale. At this time, the best deal in budget red dots appears to be the Primary Arms advanced red dot. 50,000 hour battery life like an $800 Aimpoint. Much better technology and later generation than the Vortex. Also, the brand new one with the rotary dial now has a lifetime warranty as well. The one with push buttons has a 3 year warranty. This black Friday deal is more than 50% off for a blem. AMAZING deal. http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-special-order-advanced-microdot-md-rb-ad-sp http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-micro-dot-with-removable-base-md-rb-ad http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-...ery-life-md-ads
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[...]Primary Arms[...]
Slightly off topic, but PA is a great company. They are local to the Houston area and I have bought too much to count from them. Earlier this year they had stripped Anderson lowers (with or without integral trigger guard) for $19.99 each. I bought several as spares. Friendly people with great prices and service.
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What do you guys think of this red dot optic? http://www.vortexoptics.com/category/sparc_II_red_dot
My boss has one. It is nothing special. My old BSA red dot is every bit as good. I think those guys do a great job writing a glowing description of otherwise unremarkable Chinese products and people believe they are purchasing something better. I have an interesting mix high and low quality optics. One thing becomes clear, the real name brands, including the much hated EoTech, are superior in real world use. Often the differences are not readily apparent until compared side by side, or used in the evening/mountains/underbrush in low light. The Trijicon MRO is a simple red dot. But that thing is worlds better than the other guys. In fact, positioned properly, it just about disappears from view (blocks little of the actual sight picture) and is absolutely not like looking down a tube. The EoTech has a weirdly pixilated true holographic display that takes a bit to understand. But it has an amazing wide field of view, and it is really easy to instantly utilize the unique display to be accurately on target at various ranges from point blank to 300.
I have had a Vortex Strikefire for many years now. No issues but it's not in the same league as my Aimpoint PRO or Trijicon RMR. Works great on a plinker. I also have bought some of their traditional riflescopes and been happy. They are local to me and have a showroom.
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I think if you are going to buy a Chinese sight, Vortex is a good choice smile
Unless you think your life may depend on it!
Well, that's sort of implied by "If you're going to buy Chinese ..." OTOH, Vortex makes military and police optics for their army and LE. They seem to hold up well. Not sure this is from their "commercial" division ... I looked into becoming a Vortex Distributer. I got a look at teir high end optics. The turn off was by the time you get to their world class stuff, it was nearly as expensive as ours or the Euro's... In some case a tad heavier the Leupold, not coated as well a Bushnell Elite for wet weather work, and the exit pupil was more constrained ... So I passed. If it was on the shelf and I was assembling a rifle, I might grab a Vortex, depending on what else was available ...
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