Hillary pushes for reinstatement of national 55 mph limit

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May 1, 2003
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May 24, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - In a surprise move yesterday, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called for "most of the country" to return to a speed limit of 55 mph in an effort to slash fuel consumption. "The 55-mile speed limit really does lower gas usage. And wherever it can be required, and the people will accept it, we ought to do it," Clinton said at the National Press Club. Before sounding off on the benefits of a lower speed limit, Clinton called for a combination of tax incentives, the use of more ethanol-based fuel and a $50 billion fund for new energy research to cut the consumption of foreign oil 50 percent by 2025. She also pushed for half of all the nation's gas stations to have ethanol pumps by 2015, and for every gas station to have them by 2025. Source
I am not compltetly against a nationwide reinstatement of 55 mph speeed limits, not only for energy but for safety. As for ethanol, we all know it;s a fakse hope. The future is Hydrogen fuel which its processing is powered by nuclear power. I am talking fusion here. The 55 MPH speed limit would put the public on alert and provide a good reason for public pressure for an alternative to our current selection of energy sources. Ethano is the current politicaly conveninet alternative, the issue I have with it is it's net output which is not remarkable. Removed political rant. [ May 25, 2006, 01:05 AM: Message edited by: Bio-T ]
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