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Jun 9, 2003
Atlanta GA
Hello, I have been a lurker on this site for some time now, I have to say it is extremely informative! Lots of very knowledgable people here!

I recently purchased a 1991 Honda CRX Si to use as a commuter car back and forth to work. I do not know what type/weight oil the previous owner used. I changed the oil recently, I put in Valvoline MaxLife 10w-30, and it seems fine. However I am a bit partial to Amsoil (I use it in my other 2 vehicles) and would ideally like to switch to it. Do you guys recommend this?
The car has 167k miles and does not consume oil as far as I can tell (no smoke etc) however the oil pan gasket does have "seep" that is very slow. I am just concerned the synth will increase the "seep". Also there is a bit of varnish on the dipstick, I have not pulled the valvecover but I would imagine the engine is in similar shape.

If I do switch, should I go full synth on the Amsoil, or I understand they have a blend available? I did not see it on their website.

Any feedback would be appreciated!
i have a similar car, a 91 civic DX sedan. we probably share the same engine if yours is the 1.5L.

it probably recommends 5w30 and that's what i've been using in mine, with a wix 51344 filter.
I would recomend 10w-30 Castrol GTX with 3000 mile changes or 10w-30 Mobil 1 with 5000 mile changes. Sounds like it will not consume oil but if it does go to 10w-40 Castrol GTX or 0w-40 mobil 1. If still consumes oil go to 20w-50 Castrol GTX or 20W-50 Mobil 1. I have used this on my Toyota and now at about 250,000 and it burns a quart about every 1500 miles. I use the Castrol GTX to save money.

Originally posted by mikemc:
10w30 Castrol GTX sounds like a winner. As mentioned above, try that and watch for any consumption.

I think Valvoline MaxLife would be a better choice for this high mileage car. I don't see any advantages of GTX over Valvoline MaxLife for this car, but there are advantages of using the high mileage oil (higher viscosity, less evaporation, seal maintenance).
Max Life has 0 moly in it, according to UOA. Castrol is loaded, so is Pennz. I'd try the Pennz. long life. It has great UOA's and is a little thicker than your average bear.
if i am not mistaken, the crx si has the same b18a engine as my 90 integra. see uoa on a mix i used. would recommend an auto-rx double run and i am using schaeffers 10w30. second analysis is due inmaybe a month. check some of terry dysons info on this board for hondas. good stuff.
Sorry, I can't help you with Amsoil.

Bogatyr liked the original formulation of Max-Life but it hasn't been the same since they pulled the molybdenum out of it.

I recommend he try the Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle oil. Better base oil (Group II+), modest ester (Group V synthetic) and molybdenum (80PPM) content.

This Pennzoil HMV oil (for ~$2 per quart) really quieted down Honda engines which had been making an awful racket when running Mobil 1 Tri-Syn in sub-freezing temps.

--- Bror Jace
Yes, as Bror mentions, I'm quite happy with the PennZoil High Mileage. Currently, the wife's 1996 Civic is using that stuff, it has about 102k on the clock at the moment and that has quieted it down a bit.
I recently sold my 1991 Civic DX with 170 on the clock, I used the PennZoil in there with good effect as well...much quieter than the Valvoline MaxLife that I had a backlog of...
My 1984 CRX (1.5 liter, carbed, 83k miles) gets Mobil1 changed yearly.
For the price, and since this is a commuter car, I'd say go with the PennZoil, change at regular intervals and be done with it. You'll find that the body on the CRX will rust out far before the engine is toast anyway.
Thanks for the recommendations guys. So no one suggests that I try the Amsoil Syn-blend?
I guess I need to give that Auto-RX stuff a try! I will prob then go along with either the Castrol or Penz high milage stuff.

BrorJace, I recognize you from the ITR board over at honda-tech. You do a good job spreading the knowledge/dispelling the myths over there. Its because of you I am here, in fact!

Thanks again everyone.
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