Help Me Choose New Tires

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Jun 28, 2004
Centerport N.Y.
Its time to get new all-season tires for my 1994 Camry LE V6 in size 205/65R15. I have narrowed it down to the following: Michelin Pilot XGT H4 - 205/65HR15 - $85 a tire BF Goodrich Traction T/A H - 205/65R15 - $78 a tire BF Goodrich Traction TA V - 205/65R15 - $99 a tire The car in driven in the Long Island New York area so snow traction is a consideration. Anyone have experience with these tires? Any recommendations would be gladly appreciated.
Have you looked at the Goodyear Triple Tread? But, if you have settled on those 3, I would choose the Traction T/A H. It's rated to 130 and show give you a pretty good blend of comfort and performance.
Also consider Yokohama AVS dB series tires,fantastic grip with low noise and good life.
I've had Goodyear Triple Treds on the wife's '05 Corolla LE for the last 12K miles. Excellent tire.
The BF Goodrich's are fantastic. I put them on my gf's Mazda Protege 5 and she loves them [Smile] . I would take them anyday over the Michelins. They're even great in the snow!
Out of those three tires, go with the cheapest one... the BF Goodrich Traction T/A H. Not only are they the least expensive, but you don't need the V-rated tires on your Camry. Plus the H-rated will give you better snow traction. I'm not a fan of the Michelins.
We have the Traction T/A T rated on our Avalon which is supposed to have H speed rated.... they are amazing tires. Better high speed stability than the Falkens we had or the OEM Michelins
I just bought a set of V rated Traction T/A's size 225/60 X 15 for my Fox Mustang. I'm pretty happy so far. They're decent in the dry and amazing in the rain. I looked at and have previously owned a number of tires before I got the BFG's and I don't think you could find a better tire for the money. The only downside you might find is the ride quality. They have a BFG feel to them, IOW, a stiff sidewall in the vertical direction so you can feel smaller road imperfections that other tires might ignore. Tirerack has a test of these tires vs. some others and the BFG's came out the winner -
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