New tire review - Barum Bravuris 3HM on Jetta Sportwagen

Are you using them in winter conditions?

Per Barum they are summer tires. Per DT they are all season. I trust vendor more.


PS I looked at sidewall picture at the Barum site and I cannot find M&S or M+S markings anywhere. Do they have it?
I trust the tire manufacturer more.

M+S is pretty meaningless as an all-season tire. BF Goodrich G-force Comp Sport 2 is a summer tire that means the tread to void ratio to be M+S.

Also, since Barum is more of a european market brand, they are usually summer and winter tires. All-season tires in europe is not the same as all-season in the US. All-season in Europe means they have the 3PMS, like the All-weather tires in the US.

Hmm. Upon further investigation, Goodyear was the last name of the guy that founded the tire company. So at least there's some reasoning behind it.
That's true-I knew that but it's still a stupid name.
It is interesting that DT classifies the tire as AS but manufacturer makes no such claim.

I had Nokian H that had this nice tidbit on the sidewall: "all season tire in North America Only".
That sounds really interesting when you think about 4 seasons in Alaska, Texas, Florida and few places in between.

In Europe it was summer tire.

I supect DT is opening itself for a nice lawsuit.


Summer tire Barum Bravuris 5HM is designed for use on passenger cars and SUV vehicles. It, along with the winter Barum Polaris 5 and the all-season Barum Quartaris 5 , became one of the brand's new generation tires.
The Barum Bravuris 5HM replaces the Bravuris 3HM. Comparing the performance characteristics of two generations of tires, the advantages of the new product are obvious, the key features of which are long service life and low rolling resistance.

The most notable improvements were in 5HM braking performance on dry surfaces (+ 3%), ability to optimize fuel consumption (+ 5%), acoustic comfort (+ 10%) and mileage (+ 15%). However, it is worth noting that for the sake of the latter, we had to sacrifice aquaplaning resistance (-2%) . Braking properties of the Barum Bravuris 5HM on wet roads and handling remained practically unchanged - at the level of its predecessor.

Barum All Season Tire ^
used to buy a lot from DTD but a takeover of sorts + deals not so much anymore so i read a lot of reviews + shop on line a lot + buy the best delivered price for what i decide on! my great small indy mounts + balances for $10 each + he gets all my work!!
You gotta spend $400 to get the $20 spiff on an existing card, though they drop the threshold to $199 and $40 for a new card.

They got lame about three years back. Was buying 4-5 sets of tires a year during the "good times".
Same. I miss those sales. If you worked it right you could get some fantastic deals. I now have to shop around rather than wait for a holiday DTC sale. Discount Tire Direct also had no sales tax back then making it even better if you wanted to bring the tires to the shop yourself
OP conveniently doesn’t list load rating of each tire which greatly effects tire weight. My mom has these Barums on her Jetta and they suck. You get what you pay for…