Help me choose my next set

My vehicle is a 19' Ram 4x4 with the 5.7 v8 and 265/70r17 tiresm I'm still on the stock Goodyear Wrangler SRA's at the moment.
So to start, I'll be swapping to LT tires as my current set of all seasons and snows (Nokian studded Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV) are passenger rated.
I live in Central NH so we get pretty serious winter weather and lots of ice in late fall and early spring. I normally run my al seasons from late March to early November, and run dedicated snows from November to March.
Most (50%) of my driving is semi-rural state routes (50mph speed zones) and 25% is highway and 25% dirt roads. A small portion is class 6 trails and logging roads, though thats mostly during hunting season. I want to move to an AT tire because a good portion of the dirt roads I drive on aren't terribly well maintained, especially during mud season (March to Late may) and many of the dirt roads are 1-4" of heavy mud with lots of ruts and just plain nasty conditions.
My big concern is dealing with those dirt roads while still having good traction on wet pavement and being highway rated (comfortable at 75mph). Tread noise isn't a huge concern, though good treadlife is a bonus. The winter traction isn't my biggest concern though I'd like them to be able to handle light snowfall for the stray snowstorms before and after winter tire season.
SO the 3 tires I've come down to are the BFG T/A KO2, Falken Wildpeak AT3W, and Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT. I know that the cooper is less aggressive and more suited for on-road but im not sure of its capabilities with the mud or the class 6's.
What are the pros/cons of each, any input is much appreciated
Seattle-ish, WA
I have an SUV and went through a similar buying decision last winter. I also used to live in Northern VT so I understand your roads, though I'm not there now.

I went with Hankook and this amazing GM deal:

Price match and $200 rebate. wow. The Hankook AT2 would suit that perfectly and be a great deal. I would choose them over the ones listed tbh. I know it's not the answer you specifically asked but maybe food for thought. But also, if this is the non-winter set, wait until spring for them. they do make an LT in your size, not just passenger.
Goodyear Duratrac would be my first pick (not an option I know) followed by K02. They could possibly cheaper than K02 too.
KO2's all day long. Proven tire, had them on my 09 Ram with 17" tires and they were fantastic in all conditions and roads here in Colorado.
I've had Hankook ATM's for a few years now, seem to get the job done. I'm not too picky though. I suspect anything will do a bit better, but then you still have the 4WD switch for when it's not. IMO I'd err on the side of a better highway tire, dirt roads aren't for taking fast around here, but the pavement is, and while a truck has good insulation I'd be more concerned about on pavement manners.
Rochester, NY
I got the Nokian Rotiiva A/T and leave them on all year. (They have the snowflake for winter) They're not too noisy. Got about 22k on them, been through 2 winters. I will buy them again. Check to see if you can get them in your size.