Haldex Gen 1 rear wheel hop when fluid is cold

Aug 4, 2011
Appleton, WI
I'm hoping someone has a technical opinion on a Haldex issue on my TT with the Gen 1 unit. When the fluid is cold, it seems the Haldex clutches are not fully disengaged and backing out of the garage at a 90 degree angle binds the driveline and the inside wheel in the back hops.

I've changed the fluid and filter 2k mile ago and the fluid coming out was about as clean as the new stuff going in. Cut open the filter to see if there was any clutch material in it that might indicate the pump filter screen might be clogged but the filter was clean.

Here's my question - what would adding an ounce of limited slip fluid to the 250ml of Haldex fluid do? My mind says that a little extra slip when cold would help with the binding, even though it wouldn't technically help disengage the clutch pack. I cannot find any info on what is in the Haldex fluid chemically, so have no idea if LS fluid would even be compatible.

I don't drive the car in the winter, so if there's more slip at operating temp that would cause the clutches to not fully engage I don't see an issue with that. It's a summer cruiser for the wife and I, not driven hard at all. Thank you for any insight or experiences.
It's probably the controller. I looked into buying a cheap TT Quattro at one time and was put off by the number of people on their second, third, fourth controller/pump/rear end. The controllers are a common failure and binding is a common symptom.
Call them up and see if they have a tech service dept? I'm guessing most speak English there, to some extent.
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