Gulf Synthetic oil

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There is a member that works for a Hyundai dealership and they use Gulf as dealer fill if i'm not mistaken. His handle is 'salv'
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Is it GulfTEC?

Fraid not dude, its gulf racing
Gulf 0w20 is what out local Toyota and Honda dealerships use. Has been a good oil and a good value to the shops and the consumers.
We have Gulf 5w30 synthetic blend and 5w20 full synthetic at our shop. Great oils.
Is it an API SN oil?
I'm sure it is, so it meets Toyota's recommendations and will be fine.
Why are you using some obscure oil when Walmart will sell you the same grade in at least five different well-known labels?
If you want cheap, NAPA will sell you their store-brand labeled Synpower in this grade for $3.49.
Why the Gulf?
Just curious.
We used their synthetic blend in my girlfriend's Civic when the dealership changed the oil unauthorized. Held up fine for the 9 months we had it in the car and still looked as golden brown as the day they put it in, for what that's worth. No odd noises or consumption. We put Quaker State 5W-20 in it next and it feels and sounds the exact same. Again, for what that's worth.
No experience with the full synthetic.
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