Grease or oil for stand fan?

You are unlikely to be able to lubricate a sleeve bearing and have it help for any period of time. I have tried before, even had the shaft vertical overnight so the oil I put on top would run down. It helped for a few days. Then back to the noise it had been making.
Am cleaning my old stand fan for home use. I suppose grease is to be used on the sleeve bearings but then again, why can't I use HDEO ? There's no felt wick, though.
use this

The 3-in-one electric motor is correct, but I've also found that Hoppe's gun oil will not "gum up" like most conventional oils in this service will. Add a felt washer if you want to retain a little lube reserve, it will also keep some dust out of the bearing.
Always oil in a sleeve bearing, and grease in a ball bearing. If it is preventative, use a very light oil. If it has already worn the bearing and is making noise, use a thicker oil. It will not be drawn through the bearing well and need reapplied more often but once you have the wear you need a thicker film to (try to) keep the wobbling to a minimum.

I've had great success relubing sleeve bearings in everything from HVAC to computer fans, box fans, appliance motors, etc. I've had no problem using detergent oil, even a decade later in some cases but IMO that's around the outer limits of how long it'll be till it needs relubed again unless there is a substantial oil reservoir you fill. w/o a reservoir it's usually more like every 3 years depending on running hours and amount of wear already present.