Grease For Plastic Gears

Just remember if you use Lubriplate, (per the manufacturers recommendations), that there are 2 formulas of Lubriplate. One is petroleum based, and the other is a food grade, that is made with biodegradable plant esters. If you are lubricating plastic they more than likely want you to use the food grade. Because as was mentioned, the petroleum based Lubriplate will attack the plastic over time.

The downside of the food grade is it will break down over time.... Especially in a high heat condition, such as with a hot garage in the Summer months. Personally I would go with a Silicone based grease instead.
Very true I love all you guys on this forum but I don’t know why so many of us contradict the manufacturer’s recommendations. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Thanks, guys for all your recommendations. I went with an old tube of Superlube that I had lying around. It states on the tube itself that it can be used on plastic gears. The old trolley gear had worn out and I replaced it with a new one. The opener is significantly quieter now.
As it turned out the trolley gear is aluminium and not plastic. The old one was black from all the old grease on it. I scratched it with a knife to see how soft it was and could see that it was not steel like the Genie screw itself. It also had a sheen to it which made me think it was plastic. When the new one arrived I realized it was aluminium.
The screw drive had never been relubricated since the opener was installed about twelve years ago. Genie recommends relubrication every two years. I will make sure I follow that recommendation from now on.
I have to lubricate a Genie screw drive garage door opener. The screw itself is steel but the teeth on the trolley which mate with the screw teeth are plastic. Genie recommends Lubriplate Low Temperature grease

What I have on hand is Mobil Unirex EP1 grease which I use for truck chassis and driveline lubrication.

Would this grease be a suitable substitute for the Lubriplate grease? Is the Unirex grease safe for use on plastic gears? Some openers have worm drive plastic gears inside the opener itself. Would the Unirex work on those gears also?
I been using Mobil One grease approx. 3 - 4 yrs on the plastic gears in door openers. No sign of wear to the plastic worm gear etc.
Use the Genie stuff, which is Lubriplate Low Temp. A NLGI 2, anhydrous calcium grease.

I think Super Lube, a Teflon-thickened grease might work in a pinch. So might Molykote 33, a lithium-thickened silicone grease. Both claim plastics compatibility.

A long time ago, Genie Screw Drive was the de facto choice for garage door openers, they handle one-piece doors well. With the advent of sectional doors, Chamberlain/LiftMaster took over with chain/belt drive. I still lube the T-rail of LiftMasters with a smear of Genie/Lubriplate grease.