Google Wifi/OnHub mesh system

Oct 4, 2010
I needed a new router as my old 7 year old router was acting up and I'm getting new higher speed internet service soon (going from Centurylink DSL 20/1 to fiber 200/200). I also wanted a mesh wifi system so I bought a 3 pack of slightly used asus google onhubs for $100. They're gigabit routers and supposedly more powerful than the newer google pucks. Onhub is good for 2500sqft/unit where google puck is 1500sqft/unit.$100 sure beats the 259 for the 3 pack of google wifi pucks or pricing on any other new mesh wifi system. Got them yesterday and had the whole system set up in about 15 minutes. Unbelievably easy. The app is super easy to navigate and view all my network info, really liked not needing a computer to set everything up. I don't need anything fancier for what I have, I can vpn on my devices if needed. I use to only get wifi in the house and right outside the door. My house sits in the middle of 1/3 of an acre lot. Set up the main wifi onhub in the middle of the basement where my utilities are, one upstairs next to the TV and one in the garage. I now can go anywhere in my yard and have full wifi coverage. Freaking awesome. They use the same google wifi app. For anyone thinking about a mesh system, so far, I give google wifi 2 thumbs up. Now I can work in the garage and do all my yard work on wifi and not have to use my cellular data. Might even need to put a tv in the garage now LOL.
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