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Feb 23, 2009
So I was window shopping tires today before I made my purchase in a few weeks or so. Pretty much know what I want, but still checking those prices.. So I stopped at Discount Tire as my last stop for the morning. Talked to a nice guy, and he wanted to check out the wear on my Kelly Nav golds to gage how much I had left. I looked at them all, but stopped at the pass side front tire. Something caught his eye. He touched that area...and asked one of his guys for a jack. We took the tire off, and sure enough, there was a small tear in the top of the tire, like maybe a nail got in and fought it's way off. ( I had just rotated these tires less than two weeks ago). Tire was pretty much I was looking at two new tires. Somehow, I got lucky, and got a choice in my size-Defenders, Yoko Avid touring S, Or Falkens. I bit the bullet and went home with 4 new Yoko Avid touring S tires (one of my two choices, the other being the Altimax RT43. Even better...a real nasty storm came through while the wife and I were driving, and it turns out the Yokos are very good in the rain! Pretty nice tire for the price so far... Makes me really think about going back when it is time for the Cobalt to get tires....Thought I would share the great service and keen eye of these guys... smile
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but while pleased enough with the price I got on a set of four Goodyear's w/ rebate & 4 for price of 3 on the road hazard warranty, from the one in Beaverton, OR, a couple weeks ago, I swear the install job was done by Jiffy Lube cast-offs. * One side has the front and rear swapped (they run at different pressures). (Fixed with $1 in quarters at the corner gas station.) * One wheel had the valve stem under-torqued and was whistling when I got it home. (Fixed with an extra 1/4 turn on the stem nut.) * They grubbed up the outlined white lettering, which cost an extra $20, with dirty gloves. (Fixed most, not all, with a little bit of hand cleaner.) I hate rewarding sloppiness, so I'm not entirely sure I'd re-do the purchase, but if I did I'd be sure to give their install job the hairy eye-ball before leaving. It's about 12 miles from where I live so I wasn't driving back, but I did call the manager and shared my displeasure. At least he sounded sympathetic about it on the phone. Cheers.
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On second set of Yoko Avid Tourings on a Civic, solid all around tire, and made in the US. I know the RT43 are getting a lot of buzz now as a new tire, but the Avids have been around awhile and have generally good reviews. Still my favorite value tire. As for DT, your experience matches mine since they came to this area. Only place I now go for tires. I've read some minor negative comments here about an AT on the west coast. Based on my experience, must be a local or regional thing as I've been satisfied with DT's service even after the sale and their attention to detail in this area.
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