GL1200 final drive splines

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Mar 16, 2014
Twin Cities MN USA
What would work for greasing splines on final drive/rear wheel hub on GL1200. I think Honda has a Moly Paste, but I was wondering if there was something more available that would work?
I respectfully disagree. The grease for the final drive must contain the proper concentration of MOLY which conventional MOLY greases do not. There are industry equivalents to the Honda Moly 60 but their names escape me at the moment. As another poster indicated however the genuine Honda product is readily available on Amazon so I would use this. The designation Moly 60 indicates a 60% concentration of Moly IIRC. Most MOLY greases are nowhere near this. Mike
As a former Honda service rep. I would recommend you use the Honda Moly 60 for your 86 Goldwing. You should be able find it any Honda dealer. 3 oz tube is $10 to $12 dollars. Do Not use Moly 60 on plastic, especially styrene, it will erode these materials. If you don't to care to spend the money or a dealer is not close by, you can use a quality synthetic grease like Mobil or Amsoil synthetic grease. Just clean up the splines well before applying the new grease.
I've been using Bel-Ray assembly lube with moly for many years for this application with great success. It has an extremely high moly content and has produced great results. Smoky
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