GC (Gold) 0W30 7840 miles

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May 31, 2003
Kerville, Texas
Gents, I'm posting the results of an OA on GC 0W-30 "gold." I think this test will rest the concerns that many have over the "gold" vs. "green" GC. Since I'm computer impaired, I could not transfer the original Adobe file to the BITOG forum. Sorry about that. However, I've re-keyed the results and they appear below. Here's a couple of additional thoughts: This is a "tough" test. Tougher than most, I think. I've not seen a long mileage test (7800 miles)where significant towing (>4000 miles) was involved. It involved high ambient temps, higher than regular RPM (for this car), lots of idle time, and long hours of operation every day. The '04 Sienna is rated to tow 3500lb. The travel trailer is a 17' Trail-Cruiser hybrid. The "all up" trailer weight is guesstimated to be about 3300 lbs. In addition, it has the frontal area of a slightly slanted barn door which adds an additional "load" to the tow. If gas mileage can be used to judge the extra weight and wind load this trailer puts on the Sienna, then it is considerable and it increases the faster you go. Mileage is reduced approximately 50% at 60MPH from a usual 22-25 (highway) to 11-13! Ambient temperatures ranged from mid 60F to at least 102F as we traveled from Maryland to mid-Texas twice. I measured the oil temps occasionally by "shooting" a drop of oil on the end of the dipstick with my infrared thermometer. (Crude but effective, Captain!) At no time did I see an oil temperature higher than about 195F, which is consistant with the opening temperature of the coolant thermostat. Exactly, what you should see on a well designed water cooled engine. Towing RPMs were generally about 22- 2400 at 50/55MPH or higher if going up hills. Then the RPM could be as high as 3700 - >4000 for several minutes at a time. The transmission was allowed to shift itself and I attempted to maintain the highest gear and lowest RPM consistant with 55-60-65mph depending on the road conditions. "Green" or "gold" elves are good!!! I'm impressed with GC!!! It works as designed. So good, in fact, that I replaced it with GC "green" (YEA!!!)and I'm ready to change out my Turbo Beetle to Castrol's German Car formula 0W-40. OK...here's the results! TEST PERFORMED BY: Brookstone Labs EQUIPMENT MAKE: Toyota Sienna Van EQUIPMENT MODEL: 3.3L V-6 (3MZFE) FUEL TYPE: Gasoline (Unleaded) OIL USE INTERVAL: 7,840 Miles OIL TYPE & GRADE: Castrol 0W/30 German (Amber) MAKE-UP OIL ADDED: 0 qts MI ON OIL: 7,840 UNIT AVG UNIVERSAL AVG MI ON UNIT: 15,384 SAMPLE DATE: 7/17/05 REPORT DATE: 7/27/05 ADDITIONAL INFO: About 4,000 miles of the 5,840 miles were driven while towing a 3,300 lb “hybrid” travel trailer. Toyota OEM oil filter was used during this OC interval. Previous oil changes were performed at approximately 1000 and 7500 miles using Valvoline 5W-30 synthetic oil. Sienna used no oil during this period. COMMENTS: JIM: This oil was put into use when the engine was still fairly new, so we think a lot of the high wear and silicon we found here is a result of that, rather than a problem. High wear is from break-in of new parts. Silicon is from sealers and sand cast parts and will eventually drop as well. Universal Averages show normal wear from this type of engine after about 7,800 miles on the oil. The TBN was still okay at 2.6. 1.0 is low. The viscosity was a little high and may show the oil is starting to breakdown. Try 8,500-9,000 miles on the next oil. We'll watch wear and the viscosity.

MI ON OIL: 7,840 
MI ON UNIT: 15,384
SAMPLE DATE: 7/17/05 
           Unit  AVG  Univ Avg                                    
ALUMINUM     7	   7	3                  
CHROMIUM     1	   1	1	
IRON	    14	  14	6	
COPPER       3	   3	2
LEAD         3	   3	5
TIN	     2     2	1
MOLYBDENUM   4	   4   43
NICKEL	     0	   0	0
MANGANESE    4     4	0
SILVER	     0	   0	0
TITANIUM     0     0	0
POTASSIUM    3	   3	1
BORON	     1	   1   37
SILICON	    39    39   23
SODIUM       7     7   11
CALCIUM   1682	1682 2092
MAGNESIUM  402	 402  137
PHOSPHORUS 753	 753  744
ZINC	   975	 975  867
BARIUM	     0	   0	0

PROPERTIES:      Should Be      Tested
SUS [email protected]       59-68         69.8
Flashpoint         >358F      410F
Fuel               <2.0       <0.5 
Antifreeze           0           0.0
Water              <0.1       0.0
Insolubles         <0.6       0.3

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Excellent. Now, people can end their hysteria and embrace the gold. You could have run this stuff for 10,000 miles. [Cool]
I was afraid of pushing my luck too far. 7500 miles is the recommended Toyo change for "non" severe service. Anyway, now we know.... you could go a lot farther.
Originally posted by Silber Igel: ...and I'm ready to change out my Turbo Beetle to Castrol's German Car formula 0W-40.
I didn't think Castrol sold a 0W-40 in the U.S., are you thinking of their 5W-40 (known here as "Beligian Castrol" as it's made in Belgium)? Why not use GC in the Turbo Beetle, should work great in that application too!
Originally posted by Silber Igel: Ooops!! Indeed it is 5W-40!!! And in very tiny print it says "made in Belgium." Sorry about that!
No problem at all, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on a new grade of Syntec. BTW, nice report on the GC. [Cheers!]
Thanks Andy!!! Its all in the oil I think. I really think that 4k+ towing is a great test of the oil's ability to resist breakdown and protect the engine. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. I think it also goes to show that the Castrol Elves designed a great product and the color is not material to performance. Castrol has always had quality oils and really have contributed to auto & bike racing as well as aviation lubes. I guess that experience pays off. However, I think the Castrol is missing a great sales promotion idea.... Elves and green oil! What a sales gimmick!!! They couldn't make the oil fast enough!!!
The results are impressive when you consider the nature of your use during this interval! I have the gold GC queued up for my next interval in my 2002 Ford Explorer with the 4.0L V-6. I am going to try a 7,500 mile interval.
I'll be running the 5W-40 Belgium Castrol (BC)in the Turbo. It requires 5W-40. And since I'm in the Texas Hill Country where the temperatures are still in the mid 90's, I'd like the 40 wt. rather than the 30 wt.
Insolubles were .6 wich is the upper limit for clean engine operation and long sludge free life. I think that I would not put quite that many miles on it next time you tow. I am going to guess that insolubles will be much lower next time we see a UOA with close to the same milage if no towing is done. The 3.6 HTHS of GC is definately doing a good job of protecting the engine parts from contact even under heavy load!! Can not wait to see another UOA!
posted by darkdan It thickened to a 40 weight in 7500 miles? Does AMSOIL make the GGC?
This engine is new, so, I doubt there was cleaning going on but Silber did say there was a lot of towing with this OCI. Isolubles were high, that could have contributed to the oil thickening, some of the other UOAs of the Green GC show thickening with 10,000 mile OCI. By the way, I have run Amsoil for over 13,000 miles and no thickening [Big Grin]
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