FYI - Highest Polyetheramine Concentration

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Nov 28, 2002
Triad, NC
Looking through all the posts about polyetheramine there are quite a few people looking for the highest PEA concentrated additive.

It is so far CRC Marine Fule Treatment & Stabilizer

Check label and MSDS out here:

Contains: Petroleum Distillates 40-50%, Polyetheramine 40-60%, Solvent Naphtha 1-5%, Naphthalene
Best price at $10.41 for 8 oz.
Part number 06151 / CRC06151
Thanks, it always good to have 'other options' in the FI cleaner category. Redline/Regane sometimes sells out.
Plus, the above bottle has the 'per tank' dosage measurements built in for you maintenance dosers.

But it is pricey for a small 8 oz bottle.
I couldn't find a Redline SI-1 msds on their web site, but SI-2 shows 30-50% PolyEther Amine. SI-1 is supposed to be more concentrated + it can be bought for 5$ for 15oz.
It seems that the cost per ounce is very high, due to it's quality, no doubt.
I'll bet the others are similar when adjusted to the actual content.
I am using Gumout Regane anyway, but I thought for those on the "hunt" this might be wortwhile information.
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