Fuchs GT1 0w-20 or Castrol GTX 10w-30

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Sep 24, 2005
Hi Guys. Currently i have installed Fuchs GT1 0w-20 engine oil in my 2011 elantra. Planning to do 1year/15000kms oil change.Also I can get Castrol GTX 10w-30 very cheap and can do 3 months oil change cheaper than a 4L bottle of Fuchs GT1 0w-20. Which one is better? (Fuchs A$83 4L jug)
Thats the MPFI engine right not DI? What are your temps like? I'd think 10w30 would be fine in australia for a car specing either 5w20 or 5w30(us spec) I'm not sure what your owner manual says. Also at least here the OCI is 7500miles(~~12500km) or 6monthes max) Not sure what you need for warranty.
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I don't think anybody on this site would disagree with me saying that Fuchs is a better oil than Castrol GTX. But you seem to be talking about cost-effectiveness. Doing oil changes every 3750km I think is unnecessarily short. The Castrol should be able to go 5000km. So is Castrol one-third the price of Fuchs? Also, why do you want to change from 0w20 to 10w30? Wouldn't 5w20 be the specified grade for a new Hyundai?
There's no question that the ester based, VII free Fuchs Titan GT-1 is a vastly superior oil to the low VI mineral GTX. From a cost savings view point, you haven't factored in the hit to you're fuel economy that you will receive with the heavier GTX that for sure should negate the price difference between the two oils. So on balance I say stick with the Fuchs 0W-20. I and many others only wish we could get the oil here in NA. We've tried and we can't.
Hi Guys. Owners manual permitted 5w-20 to 20w-50 grades depending on the ambient temp.Castrol GTX 10w-30 bulk price around A$3.50 a Litre Fuchs GT1 A$21 a litre. Temp in sydney winter 0-20c' summer 25-45c' 10w-30 perfectly fine and never seen any premature engine wear. I don't do 15000kms a year, so i service once a year.Once a year $80 not bad at all.Then again install cheap oil and change more often or install expensive oil and do long drain which one is better.My experience more you change oil you get long leak free engine.
That is a huge difference in oil price so I can understand your temptation to go with the bulk dino oil. If you haven't changed out the Fuchs yet, have you ever taken or kept track of the fuel economy on the 0W-20 oil? If not it might be worth doing and then compare to the dino oil. I agree the dino will be "perfectly fine". Honda's are easy on motor oil, but if you can get the bulk oil in a 5W-30 grade that would be preferable. Although 5W-20 bulk is very common in NA I'm sure it's not available in OZ otherwise I'd recommend that. I can tell you, the spectacular UOAs you have posted in the past with the Fuchs Titan GT-1 made quite an impression with many members here.
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