Friction Modification

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Feb 24, 2013
Ontario, Canada
I understand that many oil blends out there meet certain specifications, but does this mean that they all have the exact same predefined CoF/Friction Modification (set at some value) and frictional characteristics?? Put another way, would it be more intelligent to expect them to all behave exactly the same in every physical way, because they meet identical specs-- or to expect that they would all have different and varying characteristics as diverse as their chemistries, despite all overlapping in pointed specifications?
I think it's the latter. I've seen coefficient of friction results of different oils and they had significantly different COFs.
In order to meet the Fuel Savings or Fuel Conservation ratings they have to exhibit a minimum COF. Some oils will have more friction modification than others and exceed those minimum ratings. So they will vary somewhat from formulation to formulation.
This only makes sense, and thank you for confirming Mola. Can it be then said that different product formulations can affect some aspects of engine operation (outside of the scope of the existing specifications) due to "unstandardised" differences in COF?
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