Fram Xtended Guard vs Tough Guard

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Jul 1, 2004
Maple Valley wa.
Fram TG oil filter claims 99% dirt trapping efficiency whereas the higher grade XG claims 97% dirt trapping efficiency. What does this mean in real world filtration. Is the XG a better overall filter? Of would I be better to stick with a TG for 5k oil changes? Mike
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The XG is the better overall filter, solid construction, good for 10k. But, at ~$9 each at Wally, overkill and a waste of money for 5k OCI. If you choose to stick with Fram, based on price, the TG is a better fit of 5k. However for average cost of the TG, other filters with silicone adbv and metal endcaps can be had for about the same cost as the TG.
The XG is a much better filter, it's true. The Tough Guard is good to about 7500 miles and sometimes can be had on sale. On its own, the Tough Guard is a pretty decent filter.
The difference is in whether the "efficiency' is measured in single or multipass methods. The TG is a good filter, but with it's better metal end construction, and synthetic filtration media, the XG is a better filter, especially for longer OCI's. For 5k oil changes, the TG would be just fine.
I installed the TG in my HHR which uses a cartridge type filter. The cartridge filers for this engine are essentially filter media with a plastic frame on either end so from what I can tell as long as the filter dimensions are correct for proper fitment I just want media that will trap and hold the smallest particles for the OCI. Agreed?
I don't believe that Fram makes any ToughGuard cartridge oil filters. All the Fram cartridge oil filters I've ever seen are packaged in the "regular" orange box and have no packaging reference to "ToughGuard." That doesn't make them "bad" but ti also doesn't make them equal to "Toughguard" filtration material either.
It's true ! You CAN learn something new every day. I appreciate the info an learned that there IS at least a "Toughguard" cartridge filter for one of our applications. Thanks ! Too bad our local ChinaMart doesn't stock it.
I have seen the Tough Guard on sales, but in my area, it is mostly with an oil sale deal. About a year ago saw a guy selling ten of the TG3600 on the Internet that would fit my car, but I did not take the bait. He wanted about $35.00 for the whole lot.
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