Four new TPMS today

When you pick up a nail while on the highway, it will let you know when the pressure drops to a still safe 28 psi so you can reduce your speed accordingly and pull off to a service station.
This ^^^. The TPMS has saved my 20 something college daughter twice as she was going back and forth between Memphis and Nashville. There's a lot of sparsely developed territory on that drive. Both times she had been home recently and I had checked her tires but she picked up a nail somewhere.
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a waste of $$$ IMO unless your state requires them for inspection, but your $$$ your choice.
How about disabling the TPMS. Is it possible to revert to the old fashion way? No idea how. Perhaps using a more sophisticated OBD2/coding device? Or would this create insurance/liability issues?
On my 17 Accord sport, I was driving to work the other day and the tpms light came on, I was like “ah what the hell?” I checked the air pressure when I got to work and every break I got I went and checked the air pressure and none of the tires were low.

Before I left work that night I did the tpms calibrate and it went away and hasn’t come back since. Not sure what was going on. I’m set to rotate my tires in under 1000 miles, when I do rotate the tires I look over the tires for nails, etc… so I will see if there is something in one of the tires.

It would be nice to see the air pressure on the dash for sure for quick reference
I had tires rebalanced and the shop set them all to like 36psi. My TPMS said there was a problem a couple miles later. Heat generated had them at almost 40psi. They were originally calibrated at the 33 front and 32 rear. I dropped the pressure back respectively by a couple psi. I didn't need to recalibrate, lights went off.

I would like to be able to reference quickly when driving but I check often early morning after sitting 8 hours and know that it will alert me if theer is an issue. Batteries also won't go bad and no sensors to be replaced. 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other for advantages.
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