Found the performance Datasheets for SuperTech Oils, Comments Please...

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
For the few of us who care about such things. Last week someone posted the links to safety sheets for SuperTech oil. Turns out the newest production is not the Quaker State subsidiary, it's Warren Performance the folks who blend and package oils for Sears.

By comparing safety sheet specifications such as flash point, it looks like the oil (at least the 10W30 I checked) is identical in every respect to Warrens Mag 1. Here's the performance spec. sheet for Mag 1. Since I have this stuff in my car would anyone with more knowledge than I have care to critique the basic performance specs?

Here's the synthetic which has a pour point of -48f for 5w30 and -45f for 10w30.

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By the way-- here's a quick comparison of some data with the three Pz/QS brands and the old Specialty Petroleum (SJ) oil:

10W30 New ST Old ST Pennzoil Quaker St. Wolf's Head
Visc. 40c 71.0 73.2 67.0 69.1 65.3
Visc 100c 10.9 11.0 10.5 10.5 10.5
Visc. Indx 143 140 160 139 138
Flash-F 430 410 430 410 430
Pour-F -34 -29 -33 -22 -17
Low Pumping-C -25 -25 -30 -22 -30

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Also the datasheetfor the dino states "Specially formulated with only the highest quality, hydrotreated, paraffinic base oils", can I take this to mean all group II or II+?

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I have seen this oil (Mag1) in a store up here called "Tools and More". I should see if they have the synthetic. Everything in the store is very cheep.
I thought i saw a 0w-30 of SuperTech at Walmart a while ago. Is this possible?
SOunds like to me it might be a Group 1 oil. If they were real proud of their product they would possibly brag group ll+?????????????????
I was just at Walmart and noticed that the Full Synthetic SuperTech was SL/CF. I looked around to see what other oils had this rating. Valvoline and Quaker State did. Pennzoil was not CL. This means that SuperTech is not Pennzoil. I heard from adifferent forum that it was Havoline. This came from a Walmart employee of 10 years.
I would think it safe to say that factoring in a presumably large production run by a manufacturer for WM (that's how they get it so cheap), WM's inventory control system, WM's distribution system and the amount of product that leaves a particular store, it could be a very long time before the latest and greatest version of a relatively fungible commodity such as motor oil will appear on that store's shelf. Any suppositions as to what is on WM's shelf now should be made at one's own peril. For instance, someone posted very recently that they spotted some M1 Tri-Syn on the shelf. Another recent poster said ST 15w40 with the SL/CI-4 rating was spotted. There is no 15w40 SL/CI-4 at WM here.
I would be careful assuming that Mag 1 and Super Tech are the same oils. More than flash points should be compared before reaching any conclusions. At least it doesn't look like the Mag 1 15w40 and the Warren Dist. ST 15w40 are the same even though they have the same flash point. The base oil listed on the MSDS for Mag 1 is CAS 64741-88-4, which is solvent-refined (Group I, I believe) while the ST base oil is listed on the MSDS as CAS 64742-54-7, which is hydrotreated (Group II, I believe) or CAS 64742-65-0, which appears to be solvent neutral, whatever that is, maybe dewaxed (of an undeterminable Group). [The 64742-65-0 oil is Conostan 75 base oil, which the Conostan web site says is "used for blending calibration standards for spectrometric analysis of metal in oil." Don't know why this would be used in motor oil. Maybe someone will share ideas on why it would and on the "solvent neutral" topic.] Looks like the ST 15w40 should be a better oil.

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