Ford Fiesta 05 1.6L 12380km Mobil 1 Fuel econ 0w30

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Dec 8, 2016
Vehicle was bought new from me.Gentle break in with 6000km OCI using Ford Formula E oil until 90.000km Then switched to Aral Ford spec for 1 OCI and then I had quite longer (10.000-15.000km) 6 OCIS of Mobil 1 0w30 Fuel Economy which is a Ford 913B spec oil.So,everytime I have used a factory spec'ed oil and a genuine Motorcraft filter.90% of the total km's are highway and country roads.Very few short trips and cold starts as I commute using a motorcycle.Car sits for long periods usually ,1-2weeks or sometimes longer.But when it fires,it usually is for long distances I always had zero oil consumption and variation in performance/mileage. Mind that,this oil was in the sump for 27 months!and still TBN is fine! What do you have to comment abouth the copper? I am not conscerned about the iron,I don't think its too high.
Copper is not a problem. 7700 miles highway driving is easy on oil. Based on the TBN and insolubles, you can go much further.
I intend to go further,I am now using Motul 913D specific,which should be a very robust oil.But why Blackstone recommends shortening the OCI because of the iron and copper readings?The engine is original,only opened once to change the crankcase gasket.
They are recommending you pay them for another UOA at 9000 - 10000 km. To them, that's different to changing oil! I wouldn't bother doing another UOA at that point. If you do another UOA, do it at the longer interval you're planning.
I guess the next sample will be after 15000km with the motul... Thanks for the comments! I forgot to mention that the air filter is a k&n Apollo fitted using a custom tube which has a built in hole for the crankcase ventilation.
Copper isn't from the bearings, could be from oil coolers if there is one, IDK. With low sulphur fuel and your driving pattern , OCI at 15000 km is easy on oil I suppose. As pointed out by SR5, Ford 913D is superb specs.
There is no oil cooler i know about. Manufacturer specs 20.000km oci but also once a year.I was not worried about the distance, but mostly time and TBN because I have exceeded 2 years for the first time. Seems I dumped 4 liters of perfectly working Mobil 1....
There were UOA's from North America indicating no concern for time duration of several years. As in SE Asia, I consider Greece temperatures are favourable as far as low temperature engine corrosion is concerned. This 27 month UOA of yours supports similar position. Yep, you dumped 4L of serviceable oil......... as usual on Bitog and in real life. blush
I would attribute OP's relatively 'high' Fe and Cu wear ppm to mainly corrosion wear, as there is 0 ppm for lead, tin, nickle, chromium and manganese from which I interpret as absence of adhesion and abrasion wear in this 12,000 km usage. Unlike adhesion and abrasion wear that may alter absolute dimensions and hence clearances of contacting components which may be harmful to components longevity, I'm of the humble opinion that corrosion wear, though may be 'high', probably does not alter absolute dimensions and clearances of contacting components hence keeping intended operating parameters of components intact and, by extensions intended components longevity ...... granted increased corossion wear , as catalyst, does accelerate deteorioration and oxidation of oils, thus shortening oil life. Basing on M 1 AFE 0W30 spec-sheet parameters of KV@100*C 10.9 cSt; TBN 9.1; SA 0.9% etc, I consider Ford recommended OCI of 20,000km (and 42-48 months usage in OP's case) is doable, albeit with even higher UOA ppm readings in Fe, Cu etc possibly including lead/tin ppm, couple with substantially low'ish residual TBN of 1 and above. JMHO and speculation.
The oil used is an older version of this I think it just lacks the A5 spec,it has only A1,or maybe not.It was purchased about 5 years ago. Total Base Number (ASTM D2896) 11 Viscosity, cSt (ASTM D445) @ 100º C 10.0 HTHS Viscosity, mPa•s @ 150 ºC (ASTM D4683) 3.0 Sulfated Ash, wt% (ASTM D874) 1.4 It also had a golden cap on the bottle.I have no more of this type of oil.From now on,Motul specific 913D is the oil I use (I have 16 more liters of it). here is a photo of the bottle
Oops, not sure if what I said earlier on is still valid ... Thanks for the clarification ,btw.
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