For Those Following GC

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Sep 23, 2003
For what it's worth, I was at my local AZ and they just started carrying GC. I've been watching them weekly for a couple of months now wondering when it was (if ever) going to come in. So, for you GC fan(atic)s, it is now available in Richmond, VA. Some of you have been watching to see if it was going to be broadly distributed. I bought my DELO 400 & managed to resist the GC [Wink] .
How can you resist the sweet smelling aroma of the GC! [Smile] I managed to resist buying more this week, even though my local Walmart stocked up with a bunch more! I am giving my dad 7L of GC 0w30 from my stash for free, since he just took me, my wife and 2 year old son out for a nice steak dinner! [Smile] (so I'll need to replenish my supply soon) [Smile]
Alas I am breaking in my new engine & want to run DELO 400 for 6000 miles. Now, in my other vehicle, (the one I posted my Jiffy Lube rant about) I'm running the Chevron DELO Synthetic. I am really stoked about that oil. The engine is running soooo smooth!
GC has been in the Autozones in Fayetteville for a while now, but I havent seen any in Wally World yet. Hmmmm..........
Not open for further replies.