For Bill in Utah & other 1.8l Toyo engine owners.

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Oct 12, 2005
When you guys' refill your oil, do you get anywhere near 3.9 quarts back in? Today I did my second oil change on this engine and I ended up at a little less than 3.6 quarts (similar amount on the first oil change). I throughly warmed up the engine prior to this change, let it drain for over an hour, prefilled the filter (the amount is included in the 3.6 quarts), warmed and cooled the engine, and yet the dipstick reads "full." Can there be that much residual oil in a warm engine and pan? I thought that the 3.9 quart spec is for oil changes while there is a larger number for total engine capacity. BTW: I'm doing these oil changes on a level surface. Any similar experiences?
I've only done 1 change and I actually put a little bit to much in because with the 4 qts it wasn't quite up to the top of the marker. I added maybe a 1/4 more of a qt and now I'm over by about an 1/8 to a 1/4 inch on the stick. [I dont know] Not sure how accurate the sticks are anyways...I guess the 06's are calling for 4.4 qts now with no design change anywhere? So I guess my experience is the opposite of yours!
My experience, 03 Corolla is about 3.75 qts in to the full line, give or take. I use the same procedure you did. Seems like the results are close to yours. I never worried about getting exactly right- a tiny bit over or under was fine for me. So I just estimated the 4th bottle by eye and didn't check the dipstick after a little experience. Then I started using the larger sized Camry filter (longer with same base). Now four quarts even is pretty much perfect and I don't have that little bit left over in the fourth bottle. There was a recent thread that Toyota has recalibrated their dipsticks in the 1ZZFE engine so that the markings are all about 1/2" higher on the stick- meaning full is a little bit more oil.
Wow. Well you'd think that a small engine with a small oil pan would be pretty consistant with regards to fluid fill. But that would be too easy, eh? I guess I should look on the bright side: I have a Ranger that takes 4.4 quarts of Mobil 7500. It looks like it will be getting a .4 quart shot of synethic from now on.
CrackTan. I also have a 1.8 in a Corolla and 4 QTS. will leave it slightly over-filled. 3.7 to 3.9 will get you to exactly full ( depending on of you use the recommended Wix-51394 or the slightly longer Wix-51396 ). If you don't like WIX, Purolator offers similar sizes.
Well.. I use the 5 quart jugs so I don't really know to the 10th of a quart what I'm putting in but it's less than 4 quarts. I filled the car up to the top of the dip stick and then tried to put the remaining oil left in the 5 qt jug into a clean empty quart bottle and still had some left after filling it up. [Confused] I'd say it's around 3.7-3.9 quarts... Less than 4 full quarts and more than 3! [Big Grin] Also, a little OT but I'll be posting the photos of the longer Toyota filter I just got done using for my last OCI over in the Oil Fitler area... Not bad and worked well (like all the others I've tried... [Roll Eyes] ) Take care, Bill [Coffee]
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