Fluid film vs surface shield.

Dec 5, 2023
Surface shield
Does last longer . A test I did on a break disc showed after 3 months in the weather that surface shield lasted longer.. on the same disk I also had Vaseline on it and it was out for a year. That was the first test
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My first test on metal using a variety of products . almost 2 years outside salt spray added once in the winter. Was left in back yard


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It would be interesting to see how woolwax compares. I've found fluid film to be excellent for cavity applications, where woolwax stays put in exposed areas much better.
depends on application area. fluid film creeps but is nit resistant to splash prone ares, while surface shield doesnt creep but holds on better.

noxudol is the pro stuff, but to be even having this discussion, your better then the majority of vehicles in the rust belt.
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I'm using Surface Shield on my new-to-me winter beater. I first applied it a year ago, and as far as I can tell it hasn't washed off from many if any areas. So far so good. Every time I am under the car I look for spots I may have missed and/or plastic panels to remove and spray behind that I did not get the first time.

If I remember I will come back to this thread in 5-10 years with an update.
I have always used Amsoil HD metal protector. It's better than Blaster and oil film which eventually rinses off.
Nope Vaseline is the winner blaster surface shield came in a very distant 2 and fluid film 3rd ..
I was going to say… Vaseline really was the winner.

PBlaster used to have a vaseline like protective spray. I may still have some in the garage. Sprayed on thick and clear, set to a semi-fluid. I liked it a lot. Probably was Vaseline with a flashing solvent!
I agree about Vaseline, that stuff is super hard to wash off your hands even with plenty of soap. It’s probably good for brushing on exposed surfaces, but I’m not sure how and with what it can be thinned in order to be sprayed.
This disk is the original test with Vaseline then after about a year i added the fluid film and surface shield to the disk, i did not add to the Vaseline part. it did not where off at all. in the original test i tried to thin out the Vaseline using MEK, alcohol, lacquer thinner, naphtha. none of it really worked and it made the Vaseline week and started to rust, those ore the other sections of the disc. that are rusted. . the only way to spray it would be to melt it , it has a very low melting point. but you would have to keep it hot while spraying.