Fluid Film Treatment in My Situation


Aug 14, 2003
Buffalo, NY
Do any of the folks here who do the yearly application of FF wash the underbody after every snow/salt drive or is the recommendation to not hose the underside of the car through the wintry months (about 5 months here) once FF is applied?

I don't wash them until spring starts to rear it's head, which is typically June at best in Buffalo NY LOL.

IMO, it's kind of a catch 22 to winter wash. It's good for the vehicle's body panels, but pushes salt bring deeper into electrical connections, clips, fasteners, etc.
Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
The Blaster corporation (makers of PB Blaster) has a relatively-new product called Surface Shield that is very much like Fluid Film except it is more resistant to being washed off by rain, spray etc. It is getting some extremely good reviews! I would gladly pay to have someone put a vehicle on a lift and get all the nooks and crannies with it (easier than doing it myself since I don't have an air compressor and have to use spray cans).

I thought it kind of smelled like wet, thick black topsoil.... It's definitely distinctive!
Ditto to this!

I treated the kia with Surface Shield a couple months ago and since than drove in rain, salt, snow, slush, mud ect... a quick clean at carwash and looks like I just applied SS yesterday. I can see surface shield lasting a solid year or more under extreme elements without an issue..

I got really cute with the SS and removed the rear interior panels than treated BOTH side of rear wheel wells, rockers/runner panels, undercharge, suspension, subframe you get the picture took about 3 cans... well worth the protection and effort..