Floor Jacks


Mar 6, 2016
I saw that Harbor Freight has their Daytona jack in a dark red “Candy Apple” is their description…

I have a 3 ton heavy duty jack I got at Menards last year that is excellent… lifted pickups, all cars, and my sister-in-law’s Ford Transit heavy duty van. But having another when things get busy might be a thing. I like that color too…

Apr 18, 2013
I am going to purchase a Road Dawg jack at Tractor supply. It has a section at the end of the lift arm that extends the lifting capacity. It can lift to 30". My truck is tall and I use my floor jack to lift my VW Beetle and my buses high enough to pull motors. No need to use wood blocks that can split and cause safety problems.
Jun 8, 2021
Columbus, OH
I am looking to buy a floor jack and narrowed it down to these two from Harbor Freight. I need a floor jack that would be able to lift my cars and as well as full size SUV's and Pick-up's.

Does anyone have the long reach one? Is it a lot better/nicer to have with than the regular one when working on SUV's or pick-up's?
The long reach ones are nice if you have a lower can with a central jack point that is to the rear of the engine and for sports cars that are a bit wider.
I would get the long reach one if it were me because a jack will last you a lifetime and you never know what kind of car you might own someday.
I would also look at the HF Daytona Super Duty. They are expensive but they are a pro level jack that has greaseable joints. $260 seems like a lot of money until you consider that a comparable Snap-On jack is about $900.
Ive got a regular (non low profile) 3-ton Craftsman jack and its OK but its not greaseable and its almost impossible to lower my car slowly (its like its either on or off) and Im looking at the Masterforce 3-ton professional jack, which I believe is the exactly same thing as the HF Daytona HD. Its expensive but again, how often do you really replace a jack?


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Aug 10, 2020
Roanoke Virginia
The Daytona or Pittsburgh jacks are really nice for the money and quality. I’ve used both. I own a Daytona 3 ton low profile in black and it’s great. Can’t remember if it’s long reach or not I think it’s regular but I’m not sure. Whenever I get some more room I’m going to buy another one to have at the house as well since I do tons of work at the house too. At work we have a few as well they do very well. The advantage for me over the Pittsburgh is the variety of colors the Daytona comes in cause that’s important to me. Those are really the only jacks I’ve used besides my old Craftsman trolley Jack that I travel with. We do have some really old Matco ones at work too but they are about worn out but they still hold up. The pad on the Harbor Freight ones gets torn up easy but I guess that’s normal though it bothers me like heck lol. Just make sure you have someone to help lift it for sure though because you will be hurting if you try to lift it on your own.
Apr 20, 2014
Franklin County, PA
Late to the party, but it may help anybody else who is looking for a good low profile, high lift jack. I bought the below Pittsburgh from Harbor Freight a while back.

It's basically the Daytona without the "name". Now, I bought this when it was $99, but even at the current price I'd still buy it again. It has lifted lower cars and even my slightly lifted old 2nd gen Tacoma.