Flex fuel Tahoe

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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
I changed the oil in my mother-in-law's '02 Tahoe on Saturday & noticed something interesting in her owners manual. The 5.3L engine in her Tahoe is a flexibile fuel engine & is designed to run on either unleaded gasoline or up to 85% ethanol fuel. I've never seen an engine like this before. (probably because I live in AL) Where would one find 85% ethanol fuel? Is that the stuff that's made from corn? What would be the pros & cons of running ethanol fuel? Thanks in advance. [Smile]
You can find alternate fuels stations here. I regularly run E-85 in my Suburban as there are many stations in Chicagoland. Your flex fuel vehicle will use about 15% more fuel, but it will never knock and will run like a champ. The E-85 is about $.20 cheaper than the cheapest gas right now. Wayne
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