Fisher & Paykel stove, any good?

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May 12, 2009
We are about to do a kitchen reno, our kitchen is small and we would prefer to have a smaller stove (24") We were considering a separate Cook top and wall Oven, as we prefer a Gas Top and Electric Oven, until we saw a F&P 'Duel fuel' stove. It seems to be just what we are looking for, except I know nothing about Fisher and Paykel. I understand the brand is popular in Australia (being a NZ company). I look forward to any feedback. Thanks.
While most national brand of stoves/ranges quality-wise is so-so, but most imported home appliances, such as Braun/Fisher & Paykel and even Samsung/LG stoves/washers/driers, etc. we have a hard time finding servicing parts for them or get them serviced properly when they are under warranty. So, my quick answer is, no, I would not recommend them at all. Q.
Thermador gas cook-top is very reliable, I replaced the old electric Thermador cook-top with Thermador gas and my wife loves it. It's a little expensive, but it may lasted 15-20+ years.
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