First oil change timing?

Everyone is different. I enjoy changing oil for some reason. I do this to every new vehicle.
First change: 500 miles
Second: 2,000
Third: 5,000
Then go from there as to what my UOA shows.
I don't see any reason to change the oil on a new vehicle early. On rebuilt engines or engines I rebuilt, well that's another story.
Got a 2022 Ford Escape SE FWD 1.5L Eco-Boost a few weeks ago. Fifty years ago most people did a first oil change in 100-500 miles to get any "break-in" metal particles out. Yes, we've come a LONG way since then. But does very small engine size make any difference? Having a turbo make any difference? Any other factors that make any difference? Should I just change it in 1 year (I'll never drive enough miles to run the change indicator down, probably looking at 60% oil life remaining at 1 year)? And before scolding, I tried a search but it didn't return anything. Any and all constructive input greatly appreciated.
Would this be's my experience. I bought a 1998 Nissan Maxima and I asked for a 1,000 mile oil change. I got ripped off--I later learned to put a mark on the oil filter so I know that the dealer changed it (I was one of those I'll let them change it while under warranty guys way back then). So they never changed it, yet the car went over 300k miles. Did it matter?

Flash forward to 12/06, I picked up a brand new BMW twin turbo (N54). I talked to the service manager and said M cars have a sticker to replace the oil in 1200 km. Just because my car doesn't have such a sticker, should I do a 1k oil change?

That person asked, lease or buy? I said buy. He said if I were you I'd change it at 1k. It's not necessary, and it's not recommended, but if I bought, I would. If I leased? Go 15000 like the mfg recommends. It's not your car.

So it seems to be a personal feeling. Although my Honda lawnmower said to change the oil in I think 6 hours or something....and I plan on doing it...

I'd change it if I own, not change it if I lease, that's my opinion

I found GMC to have the same behavior, sometimes they don't even change the oil even though one is charged and the vehicle pulled in (mark on filter trick). Ever since then I said never again, I change my own oil. Plus with the rebates it's much cheaper, as mentioned Pennzoil Platinum worked out like $9 per 5 quarts.
Thank you to everyone for responding, especially those who took the time for detailed responses. I'm going to do my first change at ~600 miles and then once a year after that which for me will be between 3k-4k miles. And if the oil life monitor pops up sooner I'll go with that. Barring unforeseen events this should be my last vehicle. I think that schedule will see me through the remainder of my drive time.
That engine came with an oil filter, didn't it? :)
The wife's car came with a manual that suggested 10,000 mile oil changes. It got it's first at 10,000 miles with Mobil1 EP. That was 125,000 miles ago....still seems happy.
Changed oil on my new 2021 Merc GLC300 4Matic SUV early at 5K (vs. manu recommended 10K) and filter is clean as a whistle with no sparkles :). Thinking all is good. Will now change annually at whatever miles driven, as unlikely to reach as many as 10K in each year driven.

Took some research to find the manufacturer approved ESP oil to remain compliant with warrantee, per the manual and oil manufacturer websites. Spec is 229.51. 229.53. Now they are using a second digit! Perhaps someone can tell me what this means as plenty of options for just 229.5. Used Mobil 1 ESP Euro 0W-30 for the cold Michigan winters. I believe this "special" oil is required because of the cat filter. Fortunately, regular deals available at Autozone for around $6.50 a quart and other retailers offer inclusive filter packages on 5quart purchases.
I typically do new vehicles at around 2500 miles and then 4-5K after that. I see no evidence that it mattered.

However, my fleet vehicles, Ford Fusion w/1.5L (Old shortblock that failed around 70K) and the Ford Escape w/1.5L (New far so good) get changed every 5K since new. Earliest I can get it done is 5K, or fleet won't approve it.
Yeah, off the lot new I changed it the second day I had it. I wasn't screwing around not knowing what was in there.
When I get a new car I change the oil filter and top off around 250-300 miles, then change oil and filter at around 1000. I figure that’s cheap insurance.
Mainly because it was so easy to do I replaced the filter in our 2022 Crosstrek with 2.5 Boxer at 700 miles. Had left on a 700mile trip with 14 miles on clock.
Fought the original black filter vs dealers blue filter issue. Paper cap Fram is stock US filter. A quality larger TR filter came from Japan.
But read about high oil consumption on many Subaru vehicles. Short block replacements. Scary. People burning a quart every 1200 miles with 3K miles.
Already planned on oil and filter at 2000 miles. Guess what sucked out, the blackest motor oil I have seen in one of my cars. Jet black.
Son saw the Miteyvac in garage and asked what car it came from. His 190,000 mile Solara oil does not turn oil half that dark in 5,000 miles. Same with daughters 165,000 mile Lexus EX-300H. All my cars are brown at 5000 miles.
Car came with 4 free oil changes at 6,000 mile interval. Will watch oil color on dipstick. I plan to go to 6,000 and take to dealer. But did replace filter again at 2500. Will replace the blue Subaru filters at 3k intervals if black oil was an anomaly. If not will switch to M1 0-w20 and stay clear of dealer service .
Almost talked myself out of the free 6K oil changes. Blamed the Idemitsu 0-w20 oil Subaru uses. But being a SP oil, and Subaru branded it should have looked like new at 2,000 miles. Suspect some kind of crap in new engine.
I always do first OC around 2000, then 5000. And then 5K OCI. These two filter changes were driven by first reports of oil consumption and then how bad the oil looked. First car that did not appear that I was wasting oil and filter with first 2K OC.
I've decided my personal peace of mind will be satisfied with changing the oil filter and adding appropriately. Then I'll go by the oil life indicator or annually, whichever comes first, expecting it will always be the annual given only 3.Xk annual driving.
Yep. I've always changed a new car's oil before 1,000 miles and then at about 5,000 after that. None of my cars have ever used oil between changes, so I'll stick with that. No science, just experience.
I never have done that on my new cars...just the normal first oil change. This is all "floats your boat" or emotional (which is fine/not judging)...nobody can show any data or substantiate that this does anything w/r to long term wear etc. because of "all those metal pieces".
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I've never changed early . That's what oil filters are for . Never had an engine issue my whole life .
I've never changed early . That's what oil filters are for . Never had an engine issue my whole life .
I think if folks really wanted to do this right, the wear metals particles are all generated in the first few minutes of operating so really need to change it as soon as you get home from the dealer and even then may be too late! Be interesting to do an oil change + UOA after 1 hour, 1 day, 5 days, etc. and graph the curve of iron/aluminum as they drop off immediately to hone in the OCI for this magical first oil change interval!
Incorporating the ideas of posts #33 & 37:

With all the obsessed folk and filter cutters here it's surprising there's no "Oil analysis a/o filter post mortem for new engines" section.

We're such an empirical bunch, after all.
That engine came with an oil filter, didn't it? :)
The wife's car came with a manual that suggested 10,000 mile oil changes. It got it's first at 10,000 miles with Mobil1 EP. That was 125,000 miles ago....still seems happy.

Wow! 115,000 miles on one fill of Mobil 1 EP, I knew that stuff was good, but i never knew it was THAT good!