Finally found German Castrol at my Autozone!

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Sep 8, 2004
Lansing , Kansas
Got five quarts of GC for the wifes Aztec tonight. Months ago I went in search of this stuff but, only found the Made in America Yellow label brew. I guess my local Autozone got rid of the U.S. stuff or sold it off cheap. Numbers and letters on the bottle were MO521. How old is this? Asked the check out guy if they were going to keep carrying it, the guy said yes as far as he knew the would be. Can I run GC year round? The summers here in Kansas are over a 100 degrees alot. I know it can handle the winters. The summer heat is my only real concern. Please comment.
Your GC is very recent (around July production date). Don't worry about the summers. GC can handle heat just fine.
I saw a bottle of 0w30 Castrol at an Autozone that was made in Germany, met VW 502 00, but said it was imported by Castrol/BP in Wayne, NJ. Is this "German Castrol" (it was the gold if it was), or is this a lesser Castrol? It was not the 5w40 "special BMW/MB/VW" blend that is made in the USA. [ December 31, 2005, 06:35 PM: Message edited by: akuska ]
It's German Castrol. It's more than likely the gold if the batch number (on the bottom) is M0502XXXXX... and higher. Anything with batch number M0501XXXXX... and lower is green. The green has the older additive package. It's all API "SL", but both meets the all important ACEA A3/B3 B4 European standard and the gold meets the newer Mercedes Benz 229.5 grade even though some of the bottles reads the older 229.3. Bowser
pscholte....pscholte...I KNOW I have heard that name before...MAN, sometimes you KNOW you know something but you just can't remember why...or how...or know?
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