Finally found a set of steel wheels for winter

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Aug 3, 2017
I've been trying to find a set of 17" wheels for my snow tires in anticipation of having them ready to mount next season. Craigslist was a bust, everyone with OEM wheels wanted way too much. I prefer steel wheels for the winter, however finding 17" steel wheels in a FWD bolt pattern and offset proved difficult. The 2014+ old body style Impala polics cars used a 5x115 17x7 steel wheel, but they can go for $100+ each because of how rare they are. After doing a lot of digging, I came across an OEM replacement line of steel wheels made by Cragar. I used the 83-7718. It's a 17x7 wheel with a +38 offset, just like stock. It's a 5x100/5x115 multi hole wheel. I got mine from Jegs for $46.99 per wheel, which after a $20 off coupon and free shipping is a GREAT deal for a set of 4 brand new wheels, steel or otherwise. At first, I was going to skip the TPM sensors and just ignore the warning light, but then Amazon offered me a $70 gift card if I signed up for their credit card. $70 for a couple point temporary hit to my credit score? I'm game. I got a set of 4 AC Delco TPM sensors for $68, so all is well. I'm also considering buying the Impala police center caps, just for fun. All in all I'm out less than $200 for the wheels, tires, and sensors. I can mount and balance them myself, so that's free too. Bring on the snow!
Hehehe, somebody is going to have electric fun in the snow.... just don't overdoit you may surprise some sport cars...
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