Finally, AZ redemption!

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Yes yes, found Havoline synthetic for 2/quart in my area. The parts guy said they'll be running weekly specials clearing out SL/GF3, so in a couple weeks, they'll have Maxlife synthetic at those prices. He also gave me a good heads up: Autozone will be "cornering" the parts business in his words. They're going to be selling OEM parts soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! No luck with the 3 closest Zones here. I had all 3 ring up the price on GC, Hav syn (sl) and even an older bottle of M1. All were the regular price.
Keep checking. I asked the guy, who was fairly knowledgable, and he said most all stores will be doing these sales (depending on their stock) in the next month or so to clear space for, you guessed it, the new line of Mobil oils, which he said will "dominate" the market. Good luck!!
I was able to purchase 25qts of Havo SYN 5-30 for $2 and some others including the Kendall Blend 5-30 and Maxlife Syn 5-30. This took looking at 5 different stores. I have since checked back at each and was told at one that corporate was just in and picked up 75 cases of oil to be sent to independents? Checked at another and was told that they had the backroom full of old oil that they were planning to put on sale but they were notified that there was a mistake and NO oil should have been clearanced and that he would not sell me any. So I went the next town over and bought 10 qts of Havo Syn 5-30. None of the stores here had any Castrol on clearance. I have seen: Havoline Syn 5-30 + 10-30 $2 MaxLife Syn 5-30 + 10-30 $2 Kendall GT1 Blend 5-30 $1 Trop Artic $1 All Dino 30, 50, and 60 wt $1 QS Blend 5-30 $1 Exxon Super Flow 5qt $4 NO M1 anything. I would have loved some VTwin for the motorcycle. NO GC. Also do not go by the website because the results have been totally different than what is actually instores.
I picked up the last 9 quarts of Mobil 1 0w-40 European Car Formula for $2.00 each at one store. Listed for $5.19. They had a lot of regular Mobil 1 Ow-40, Ow-20, and 3 bottles of 0w-30. I went to another Auto Zone and none of the Mobil 1 was on clearance/or left on the clearance table. I would have bought more, but my current oil stock will last for years...I think I need help! I am becoming an oilcaholic. [Big Grin]
I have 4 AZ by me that have not yet run the sale so I should be able to really stock up in the next few weeks. Just have to keep checking in every few days. I also saw 6-quart jugs of dino Quaker State 10w40 at $5 at the one AZ by me that is running the sales. Lot of $2 5w30 Havoline synth left there. I'm looking specifically for 10w30 Max synth. Hey, after everybody loads up on the clearance oils, who will be left to buy the new stock they are clearing out for?
Hey, after everybody loads up on the clearance oils, who will be left to buy the new stock they are clearing out for?
Non-Bitog members? [LOL!]
I talekd to a manager at the store closest to me... he said that in this area, they were instructed to GIVE all of the closeout oils to thier commercial customers... that's right... GIVE, as in FREE oil... [Duh!] I should have told them I own a repair garage... [Big Grin]
Originally posted by o2man98: TallPaul, I will keep an eye out for the MaxSyn10-30 and if you find some M1 VTwin 20-50 maybe we could swap. Ken
Hey yeah. My brother lives in Superior. We could meet there to exchange, but for I don't get up there more than once in two years. [Big Grin] I can keep an eye out, but must confess I never knew they made M1 VTwin 20w50. I do recall seeing Valvoline 10w40 Cycle oil at AZ.
Was tooling around the Central Mass AZ and Advance Auto Parts stores today, and neither had any of their GC or Havoline on sale. All checked at the regular price at the counter. Even went to the local Walmart, and they said they have no oil on clearance. I ended up buying 4 QTs. of 5w-30 Super Tech Synthetic @ 2:50 per QT. Gponna run it in the snow blower and lawn mower this summer.
Just spotted Valvoline 60 wt racing oil for $1 a quart on closeout. The 50 wt and 20w50 racing was still $2.49 though. I notice the AZs by me that are running the deals have moved the discount stock away from the regular shelves to racks in the front of the store.
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