Factory oil on a Suzuki KingQuad 700....You're gonna love this one

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Jan 23, 2003
I bought myself a new Suzuki KingQuad 700 a few weeks ago. I broke it in by taking it on a 74km derby. With all the rain we had been getting the derby was essentially 74 km mud bog. Half way through the derby, my uncle managed to completely submerge my two-day-old quad. We got it out and drained it the best we could, pulled the sparkplug purged the water out of the cylinder. After this the quad started right up, but there was about 2L of water in the crankcase that only holds 2.5L of oil. Nobody had any extra oil, and we were literally in the middle of nowhere, and towing it out would be next to impossible, so I had to drive it out. On top of that I drove it without the air cleaner since it was soaked. We attempted to dry it with the exhaust of another quad, but it was taking too long to dry. I wasn't too concerned about the lack of an air cleaner since it was way too wet to be dusty. I put on 36km and 5.1 hours ( of hard use on the quad before we got out. Here are the results from the analysis. @ 76km and 9.2 hours Iron ------ 260 Chromium -- 9 Lead ------ 13 Copper ---- 47 Tin ------- 20 Aluminum -- 31 Nickel ---- 0 Silver ---- 19 Silicon --- 81 Boron ----- 97 Sodium ---- 49 Magnesium - 65 Calcium --- 1967 Barium ---- 35 Phosphorus 1120 Zinc ------ 1029 Moly ------ 471 (I know this is arousing a few of you) Titanium -- 0 Vanadium -- 0 Potassium - 24 Fuel ------ <1% Vis 100oC - Blank??? Water ----- 45.4 %vol I wish I got a picture of the oil for you guys, but if you go to the fridge and get some milk and pour it into a glass, you will have a good representation of what my oil looked like. The quad is still running fine, and no I did not let my uncle drive it anymore after that. Carl
HO-LY COW! I'm glad the quad seems fine, and I'm glad in a way we get to see a really bizarre UOA. I don't think I've ever seen silver high like that! With 45% water, the viscocity was probably around 2 or 3, and probably well below the machine's ability to measure.
The analysis came from Staveley Services in Edmonton. I might actually run Suzuki oil in this thing, as it looks like it has a good dose of moly in it. It wasn't until the thrid oil change/flush that the oil stopped looking like a milkshake. I finally found a use for some of miscellaneous oil that I have collected over the years. SG rated Pennzoil 10w40, SG No Name (As in Superstore brand) 10w30, and an unknown bottle of oil from the eighties, works really well when you want to flush out water from your engine. [Big Grin] Carl
[Eek!] Wonder if this uses a Nikasil bore? If so than most of the high Iron might be from the rings.
Originally posted by BlazerLT: It might drive fine, but damage has been done for sure.
I've seen a lot of ATVs treated like this from my youth that are still running like brand new today. I pray that will be the outcome of this event!
Why were you worried about an air filter when you had 2L of water in the crankcase? That is a much bigger problem than an air filter.
I really wasn't that worried about the airfilter, that's why I finished the derby without it. To be honest I wasn't that concerned about the water in the oil either. This is only a 700cc single piston engine. It won't cost that much to rebuild if needed. Besides I need a excuse to bore and stroke it and add a hotter cam [Big Grin] Carl
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