Factory navi unit and backup camera retrofitted into Nissan Versa

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
I have a 2013 SV model which is one rung down from the top SL. The SV and lesser models were never available with the nav radio or backup camera so they don’t have the wiring in the car. The SL models should be pre-wired I assume, but the radio and camera were still an option. Sure there are aftermarket radios and cameras, but I wanted a stock look.

The two tedious parts of the install were fabing up the wiring harness from the camera to the radio, and cutting the square hole in the trunk lid for the camera. I got most of the parts on Ebay. The radio was new old stock for $105. Just make sure the navi SD card is included as the nav doesn’t work without it, and a new one is as much as the radio itself. Also make sure it comes with a pigtail connector for the camera inputs that plugs into it. (The other connectors from the old radio are a direct fit.) The camera was $40 (and make sure a pigtail is included), 25 feet of shielded cable cost $15, the 2 antennas for GPS and XM were $25 total, and I paid $80 at the dealer for the trunk molding that has the cutout for the camera. If I do another car, I might just cut out the notch in the molding myself to save some money. So the total cost was about $265 and when I sell the old radio it will be around $220. The cost of this option when the car was new was $800. Will see if it was worth it when I sell.



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The problem is that Nissan has discontinued updates to this NAV unit. I bought my Nissan in '14 and they ended support in 2019. Their reason is that people use cell phones....(bs)

I enjoy a built in nav system. If buying new. All others a professional Garmin is great.