Ever notice how Chevron gets mentioned?

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Mar 5, 2003
I am not trying to give a plug to a manufacturer, but have you noticed how often Chevron products get mentioned in a positive light at this web site? Chevron conventional motor oil, based on VOAs and UOAs, is considered to be one of the best conventional motor oils. Chevron Techron gasoline additive is one of the top performing fuel system cleaners. BOBISTHEOILGUY did some testing of some fuel system cleaners and Techron looked good along with Neutra and Lucas. Chevron makes some of the top tested diesel engine motor oils. I would use Chevron gasoline if I could buy it locally. From what I have been able to find out, Chevron makes some good products.
I guess so, at least at this web site. I was impressed with Chevron motor oil the first time I tried it-car just seemed to run better. Seems like the Chevron oil looks good in every VOA and UOA. I put Chevron 30 wt oil in my weed trimmer and it definitely ran better. There did not seem to be a difference in the lawnmower so I am going to try Chevron 15W-40 in it. I know that the Detroit auntomakers like Chevron gasoline. I guess because of the Techron additive.
There are a few reasons we like it so much: 1)backed up by good used oil analysis, 2) its a group 2+ sold way cheap for that good of an oil, 3) Chevron offers all kinds of tech info to the public, they aren't playing 'secret agent' and 3) they build their oils in-house using their own R&D and most of the other oil companies use processes developed by Chevron. Oh, I like the pretty blue bottle! [Happy]
Hapuna Beach, I just sent a sample of Chevron Supreme 10W-30 to Blackstones for a VOA.I will be posting up the results just as soon as I get the data .
Bror Jace, my car ran badly with Valvoline synthetic oil also! I told myself I would never use it again. I was disappointed that Valvoline oils seemed as a group to have relatively poor VOAs and UOAs at this web site. I would not have cared but I had switched to Valvoline (advertising-more mechanics use Valvoline than any other brand) and had been using Valvoline motor oils. If you are using a product and that product turns out to be not as good as you expected, you feel it. I really like Chevron. I think that they are a quality manufacturer. I had been using Pennzoil before I switched to Valvoline. I had heard a lot of negative stuff about Pennzoil (and Quaker State). But I think what happens is that mechanics see sludged up engines and they ask people what motor oil they were using. Pennzoil is number one brand and Quaker State number two brand, so quite a few people with sludged up engines will have been using Pennzoil or Quaker State. But the mechanics ask the wrong question-they should ask how often did you change the oil. So many people use Pennzoil and Quaker State that there are bound to be a lot of sludged up engines where those oils were used-but not because of the oils. Because people neglected their maintenance.
I have noticed in another post that some are putting down the Chevron synthetic. Well, it probably is not the equal to Mobil 1, but it costs about 3 bucks a quart. Good enough probably (and flowing good enough, probably) for the old wintertime.
Chevron blends a quality low cost petroleum oil. I think the jury is still out on their synthetics. (Real) No one here hypes them (too much) so they earn their reputation - without high expectations. Some car sites are down on Chevron for whatever reason (low price?) - so folks come here and see that Chevron ain't so bad after all. I think companies such as Redline and the super hyped Amsoil do fine, but expectations are SO high one funky analysis at 10,000 miles, one type of misapplied filter failure at -40° and people say: see I TOLD you so! I think that's why Bob' site is cool - despite the Schaefer's and AutoRx undertones - the site stays pretty scientific IF you look long term, not a one session answer,
Mystic, Years ago, when I first started talking about cars and oil on-line, I was talking up two brands: Chevron and Valvoline. Chevron because of the technical information on their site documenting them as a technical innovator in refining oils and fuel additives. Also, their Techron was a popular fuel cleaner with a preponderance of anecdotal evidence suggesting it worked well … even if many of the pour-in types are a bit limited in their effectiveness (as a class). The oils, unfortunately, were not available locally until a couple years ago. I also talked up Valvoline because of their reputation (I didn’t know anyone who didn’t like the stuff or blamed it for an engine problem/failure) as well as technical information I had at the time. I knew they were a subsidiary of Ashland which I believed refined their own base stocks. I was impressed with the “fact” that their Max-Life was a Group III oil and ester blend (once loaded with moly, I later discovered) and their Synpower was a PAO unlike Castrol and it had more ZDDP (1.5%) than Mobil 1 Tri-Syn. As it turns out, the Valvoline technical info I had (much of it by calling their 800 number) was incorrect. They purchased their base oils instead of refining their own, Max-Life was mostly Group II and Synpower was just another Group III “synthetic” pretender. I know my car didn’t like the latter stuff [Roll Eyes] Hey, you win a few, you lose a few. [I dont know] Now I speak highly of Chevron & Pennzoil among the mass market oils … and do so with much more authority. [Cool] --- Bror Jace
since chevron gas has the techron additive in it. one wouldn't need to ever use fuel injector cleaner if getting chevron gas at every fillup? reason why I ask, I spotted my first chevron gas station here in Memphis. I was kinda excited. [LOL!] down here, it's exxon, ammoco, texaco, some shell, mapcos, occasional 76 station
Originally posted by wlkjr: Cream always rises to the top.
In an old skit, Edgar Bergan said something akin to that, to which his ventriloquist's doll, "Charlie McCarthy" responded, "Oh, just like scum, eh?" This was just a jogged memory I wanted to share - NO reflection on Chevron Supreme oil. Use it myself.
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