Ever had a Mother cat raise puppies?

Oct 10, 2021
Probably 40+ years ago. Wife and I just married and worked full time. Had a cat and dog, both pregnant at the same time. Cat gave birth a couple days before the dog. Momma dog died giving birth and had 2 puppies. What do we do? Both had jobs and away from home 9 hours per day. No chance to bottle feed puppies at home during the day.

Desperation kicked in. Momma cat was laid down and nursing her kittens. (maybe 4 of them, I forget) Plugged the dogs into her teats beside the kittens. Raised her head, took a look and went back to napping! LOL

She raised, fed and washed the puppies along with her kittens. All grew up healthy! Just wanted to share the story. (and the puppies somehow learned to bark);)
YouTube has a lot of videos cats raising and nurturing other fur type animals/ There are videos cats giving protection to young feathered animals (ducklings and chicks)
Thanks, I never thought of checking YouTube. Guess I am not the only one to experience this happen.

Sure saved our bacon at the time with that Mother cat and her willingness to nurse the puppies. Hard enough losing the dog, but the cat saving her puppies gave us something to look forward to in the future.

Too funny today: Local Facebook group had a lady post looking for a Mother cat. Seems hers killed 3 out of 4 of her kittens. Wants a cat that might be willing to save the last one.

Posted my story and suggested she might also be open to a dog. (cat accepting dog of course) Miracles can and do happen. I wish her well.